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Ghost Rider103
I don't know about you guys, but when I first join a forum, I usually post in the introduction forums, if the website has one (which Frihost does). Now the thing I really look forward to right after I post my introduction, is reply's to my introduction, welcoming me to the new community.

Now Frihost used to be really good on that, a lot of us members used to always go and welcome some of the new members. Ever since the points were disabled in the introduction section, there is hardly any post from our actual members in there. If you take a look at it, there is a binch of new threads, and either 0 or 1 reply to the new threads.

I understand disabling the points was to prevent spam in there, but seriously we need to welcome our new members, and let them know they are welcome. It is what keeps these new members coming back, which will make Frihost grow.

I was for disabling the points in there, but now I think I might be against it. I think we need to find out some other way to get people posting in there, or maybe just enable the points for the Introduction forum again.

What's everyone else think?
I didn't like it either to disable the points. I want to encourage new people to introduce themselves (and get points for it) and also some good replies/welcome. The issue was that some people simply replied pretty much/completely the same thing to the whole list.
I don't think we should enable points for that.
rvec wrote:
I don't think we should enable points for that.

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

I am agree wiith disabled points. Introduction forum is all time ago the best pace for spaming. I think, old members and mods can always find little time for few words there.

rvec wrote:
I don't think we should enable points for that.

Was that really so common that moderators couldn't warn/ban abusers?
Also, perhaps a script could be written to look for identical or very similar posts by single users, and alert moderators when, say, a user makes 4 posts with 90% similarity between them. (If you wanted to be really efficient, you could also have that same script automatically deliver a warning when it detects one.)
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