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School starting

Anyone else start school today? Really I just made this thread to add a little variety to this forum...I see mostly the same threads day in and day out...we need some variety people! If you have any interesting threads, I for one would like to see them Very Happy Thank you for your time.
yes. it's tedious sometimes, but fortunately can't last forever Smile
myrevolt wrote:
Anyone else start school today? Really I just made this thread to add a little variety to this forum...I see mostly the same threads day in and day out...we need some variety people! If you have any interesting threads, I for one would like to see them Very Happy Thank you for your time.

Just for kicks, try going to some of the older pages in the forum... like page 7 or 8 or something... maybe there could be some interesting threads there... Very Happy

Anyway, my college starts in about 15 days... it's going to be hard... bad timings.... I have to leave hom around 7.30 in the morning and I'll not be back before 6 pm.... nice, eh?
for now ,we have run two weeks ,
I started school about 3 days ago.
My sch started more than 2 months ago. I really envy u guys for having such a long holiday. Sad
I will start school tomorrow Laughing
I know shcool started on Monday for people round here, but that doesn't apply to me.

Your lucky, I started a week ago

Sucks that it takes away so much of my free time.
School is school, and without learning where would we be?
Long goes the time that I had to wake up to go to school... unfortunately I don't have to do it anymore, but have to do it to go to work... like now, I've woke up minutes ago, to see wether I have work to do or not...
If I could I'd prefer to wake up to go to shool again... When I was at school I didn't like to go to... but now that I work... I did I quit studying? lol :S
At one point of age, School will be something you would be interested in for your future. Uni life that is. Approach it with a good mind and it would be quite a pleasure.
My school was allready started.
Im a freshman and I already have a TA job with the teacher, kinda cool! (On my 3rd day of class, in 3rd period right now)
no more school
no more college
i`m free now. just graduate from university several weeks ago.
now ready for internet business! Laughing
School started around 3 weeks ago, but it's really hard to start school after summer holidays, although our summer here wasn't very good. Very cold and always raining.
But I like going to school:-)
Where do you get so much knowledge for so little money? (At least in Germany)
I want to study Mathematics and Physics so I have to learn much. But I like learning at school Smile
Crying or Very sad school started today for me. the first day of high school is scary im going to die
my school started Aug. 27 I so envy ur school. Y did u have such a long break? whatever ur so lucky.

Especially because I have ton of homework. (I'm a Freshman Smile )
dude this is like 1 out of 1 million. I live in ohio as well and i think i went to school august 27th also. what town you live in? I live around findlay area.
I started a month ago :/

School SUCKS!
I started somewhere around there also. I live in Atlanta, though...
I started school August 25 but I was only there 3 days cause I left because of surgery =/
I go back on Monday v-v
I have tons of homwork to do too ;_;
Wow my school been in school in school for like a month now.
School time will differ because the seasons differ due to the rotation of the earth for exmaple, U.K - December 31st is winter where as in say N.Z December 31st is the middle of Summer.
what a controversey i started Wink actually I am just procrastinating my hw, hw for an AP class with a bunch of seniors in it (i am junior Rolling Eyes ) drawing fun? Rolling Eyes Razz
When you start school also depends on when you quit school the year before Rolling Eyes
I only have one more week of school, then I get my 2 week break. Then it's on for another 10 weeks until the end-of-year 7 week break. ^_^
I will start school onMonday.I don't want... Sad
My school began on first of September....
I did not want to go there...
Naw I'm just saynig cause like last year I would be starting school now, but now they saying they put it up a month cause of some test's.
Tasadduq Khan
yo classes are on their way. Sad I feel too bore in classes. Sad I love to enjoy holidays. Holidays are cool. I've enjoyed the holidays this year much. But now I have to go to university and have to bore.
wish me best of luck guys
I have an Awsome semester ahead of me

1st Period = Physics
3rd/4th=Media Arts

Awsome, eh?
Should be my last year of school, then its 0ff to college for more schooling i guess LOLz
I've been to school in 3 weeks now. I have just started High School and my class is kind of good. We don't have any really long day at whole week and not much homework eather Very Happy
I'm actualy glad school started back. I'm a Roleplayer , and for people like me, it got rid of allot of unwanted things in the world of MMO's.
Oh well.. I'm working now..I got out of school for a couple of years now...

I miss going to school.. Sad
sigh the school is starting new projects new assignments,new environment Surprised Very Happy
School started September 6, and it's a pain! The amount of homework I get and the damn school is crowded with Gr. 9s. Shoot, it's like a...zoo! Guess this school year is going to be long. Rolling Eyes
I started School on the 6th. AND I'm a senior student now.Very Happy It's already proving to be a fun year.Cool
Started at the 5th and have to read 500 page long book, do two projects, one lab report and a school trip in two weeks. Wow. I can see no social life for me this year.
In Bulgaria the school starts on 15 september.
I will be in 13 class this year. This is the last class of technical high schools. Isnt compulsory. Many of my friends will not study 13 class, they will go university.
The suffering has also began for me too - becouse of school.
UL i go to college now Cool school is poo
I started school, 3 days ago, Very Happy
I started university on sept 6...

I study in engineering and I've got really good teachers this semester.

I do hope to score A's everywhere! (hehehe finger crossed!)
started on the first ,i follow electro mechanics ,fun stuff but have to learn to hard Rolling Eyes
Guess who
school sucks i barely go to school when i go i only go first period and then i leave then come back at lunch then leave at 5 period then just come back for p.E. then thats when i go thats is like once a week cause i barely go Laughing Laughing Laughing
i go back to school in about 2 weeks which really sucks Twisted Evil Evil or Very Mad Sad
i started school yesterdayy and todayy... hollidayss
Awwww... I started school on monday too ... tho i was soposed to on thursday. But noticed that my parents didnt know that... so i didnt bother telling them. haha lol
Started school today here in sweden, but lucky as we are, we just had to relax all day, watching American History X, and eating pizza.
Can school be better?
the semester is over today, wish a good winter vacation
started school after the summerholidays.. just started school again after the winter break... I want more holidays Sad
Zelda Night
School is not bad i think wat think other people from this
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