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JOOMLA Article Manager Error

Hi there.

I recently installed Joomla (only yesterday infact). I loaded up a template that i had bought and then went to content >> Article Manager to edit the content of the site. However i get the following error:

500 - An error has occurred!

DB function failed with error number 1037
Out of memory; restart server and try again (needed 8388600 bytes) SQL=SELECT c.*, AS groupname, cc.title AS name, AS editor, f.content_id AS frontpage, s.title AS section_name, AS author FROM jos_content AS c LEFT JOIN jos_categories AS cc ON = c.catid LEFT JOIN jos_sections AS s ON = c.sectionid LEFT JOIN jos_groups AS g ON = c.access LEFT JOIN jos_users AS u ON = c.checked_out LEFT JOIN jos_users AS v ON = c.created_by LEFT JOIN jos_content_frontpage AS f ON f.content_id = WHERE c.state != -2 ORDER BY section_name , section_name, cc.title, c.ordering LIMIT 0, 20

I searched around on the forum and somebody got a similar error on wordpress, which was resolved by upgrading. I upgraded to the latest version of Joomla today, however i still have the same error.

I searched around on Google and read that the only solution was for the more RAM to be installed onto the server, however i dont really understand why the website uses up that much RAM? ALot of the demo content i want to delete, but cant do so because i cant even access the content manager.

Anybody have any ideas.

Thanks alot in advance.
18 people and nobody has an answer? Moderators or Admins have any clue as to what is going on or how i can resolve this problem?

Would really appreciate any help that i can get.

Many thanks
According due to a google search, it could be due to a bug in mysql. I'll maybe try to change some of the memory values in mysql and maybe that will solve it.

Could you maybe try to reinstall it? I mean the database part of it.
Hi there.

Thanks alot for your reply! Much appreciated.

I googled around for ages and couldnt really get anything. I suspect its a problem from my side, maybe with how the database was installed, im not too sure. I tried to reinstall the same version of Joomla and then the template. Tried a different version and a different template and it worked...Then decided to try version 1.0.3 i think and put template on and it worked, so im guessing i just had a corrupted database. Its weird because everything else worked perfectly on the site apart from that, but hey, c'est la vie.

Ill probably just keep version 1.0.3 upgrade it to 1.0.5, and then migrate that to 1.5.x (not too sure what the latest version is at the moment). HOPEFULLY, fingers crossed, it should then work..

Thanks again for your help! Very Happy
in my opinion out of memory warning relates to server memory usage
not to your joomla site
last joomla version came out last week
check it out here

joomla 1.5.4 much better then old joomla 1.015 version
I added to V1.5 a new editor JoomlaCK and started getting this error. I loaded Joomla 1.7... added the new JoomlaCK editor... same error...I think it might be in the editor
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