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EVE Online is a space based MMORPG. Ive been playing it for about 2 years now and every second is just wow. This isnt your normal everyday MMORPG like WoW. The market is completely controlled by its players and has a ever changing economy. Players can band together and form corporations and corporations can form together with other corporations and form alliances. These alliances can then go forth and capture their own chunk of space to live in and defend. In EVE there is no leveling theres only skill training which can be pretty extensive at times. It can take anywhere from 30min to 40days to train a skill depending on the skills ranking. The PVP is just NERVEWRECKING! When in PVP everything on your ship is at risk of being lost.

Does anyone else on here play? Or if you want to give it a shot they have a 14day free trial (21days if you use Steam) If you decide to play leave me a message and ill help you out.

Here is a good video showing EVE.

Oh yea forgot to mention EVE is on ONE server not sharded like most MMORPGs.
The first three and a half minutes of the video was just explosions, and didn't say me much. Then it was half a minute of some pretty cool screenshots.
I wouldn't say the video was very informing, but I might give it a shot.
If you ever decide to start playing you can either message me on here, ingame by the character name xSLINKYx or by joining our ventrilo server.

The server info is
port: 7354
I don`t like space MMORPGs. Much better are mmo`s in medieval times.
I tried this game, and I loved the opening video and history behind the game. But I had some problems when I finally started playing the game during the trial.

1) It was hard to figure out past the tutorial. I wasn't sure where to go, what to do next, what areas are safe, etc.

2) My computer did not like the game. Something with the game was causing my computer to shut off after 10 minutes of playing. It caused other problems with my computer too, until I uninstalled the game.

I would love to try it again, but I'm a bit leery.
My friend Mike has told me some wicked things about this game if I had the $$$ I would definitely have to check it out.


1) It was hard to figure out past the tutorial. I wasn't sure where to go, what to do next, what areas are safe, etc.

Its hard because you have so many options. I like games with many options.
I tried it and I couldn't even get trough the tutorial phase without getting very bored.
Wuppie, yea, very bored.
Yea the first month of eve is like walking up a really big hill. But once you find your niche things just keep getting better and better.

This diagram here will explain the learning curve of eve-online compared to other MMOs

Without the hard learning curve it might be better to play...
Dude that is an amazing image. It certainly does fit the game too. XD Mind if I take your image?
Feel free too. I found it somewhere on the eve forums. Its so awesome. Zellfaze do you play the game or are interested in playing?
EVE is horrible in the beginning. But after you join a corp (guild) and you learn more things you can get off the boring missions and do some action.

The big diffirence of EVE and other games is that EVE has only one server and that players can actually change the world. Its also less addictice than wow... I'm an ex-wower and now an happy eve-er... Razz
After EVE Online opened its doors with free-to-play accounts I started playing last week. Currently doing the first tutorial on Industry skills and started to learn how to mine, process ore to get other sorts of materials and build things. Of course I learnd some basic fighting skills, how to navigate, learn new skills and fit equipment to my ship.
I am AxelMcArt in EVE Online and of course at the very beginning of the learning hill to climb.
Ooh, I didn't know they went free-to-play... there's even a Mac client. I'll have to look into it too!
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