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Is this even possible?

Hows it going Frihost.

As you all know, i use to be a large poster here, Posted every day, never went below 45 points (usally in the 80 till they reset, then right back up) but now for the first time ever, im down low. and saldy I still cant do anything about it, and wont be able to for awhile. However I really do not wish to lose my account.

Is there anyway to turn off my account, so points stop going down, no one can view my page.. but still keep the files up till I am able to return and be active once more. Some very seirous life issues have come up at this point in my life, and there is nothing i can do about it.. powers out of my hand. I do not want to lose my site, and i dont have the power to backup all my files and databases at this time... is there anything i can do?
you where a good poster, so you'll keep your hosting for a while longer. I'll also put a ticket on your user so an admin looking for accounts to delete will read this.
I changed your points to 45. That should also help a bit. Very Happy
You guys are the reason why I love this hosting so much. Good to see people doing the right thing for someone in need Very Happy
yes thank you so much, this is even better than i had hope (now i wont have to work twice as hard once i come back just to get to positive points.) Out of free hosts I have tried over the many years, Frihost is by far the best iv come by, and this just proves it all over again to me. As soon as things get back to normal i cant wait to come back!
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