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Car Audio experts... help

warning long post... please read all.

Here is the deal...
I have this one memphis mojo 2000-4000 watts max RMS... dual voice core.
2 OHM load the way I have it set up...
the question is.. I have it set up in my room a 12 volt battery powering the amp... when it gets low i simply charge it up... i have speaker wire going to RCA.. i made myself. they work great.
this is coming from my really nice Ipod docking/speaker kit.
the left is going to the left RCA... right going to the right RCA..
the hotwire obviously going to the positive.. the ground. is on the negative.. i have the remote wire touching the positive pole as well to turn the amp on...
*redneck sounding i know* I just have this until I get a car... im not sure if the amp is powerful enough or not...
but.. if i have my volume somewhat high.. i hear this weird rattling sound that comes from the speaker... it sounds like it's hitting something..

what could be going on here?
maybe because i have it in a room instead of a car?
I can guarantee my wiring is correct...
could it be the amp not being able to power it good enough?
it can hit really hard... pick up low notes damn good.

I have this in my room until i get a new car.
please tell me something isn't wrong with my sub Sad
this sub is VEEERY expensive.
it sounds great though until i turn my volume up one notch from being loud as hell.
it isn't hitting to the max though.

i'm not sure how many OHMS the amp is stable at.. but I'm giving it a 2 OHM load 4000 watts VERY max..
my friend told me the amp is 2000 watts.

what's going on here?
would a ported box help any?
maybe the amp is messing up?
i just REALLY hope it isn't the sub...
The rattling is generally caused by a torn cone. A friend of mine blew the speakers in my old car, and the torn cones would rattle or generate a low-pitched "farting" noise when the volume was too loud. Check and make sure all of your speaker cones are intact; you may have blown them from too much volume.
or double check the ground. Make sure it is tight, and not bouncy around from the bass
I put it in a ported box and the noise stopped.
perhaps i just needed a ported box?
but the port on it sucks and there is port noise..
the port is really small.. and TONS of air comes from it making a lot of port noise.
all i did was take the connection thing from the back.. then ran wire through the PVC pipe i used for the port.. just to test it out with a little pressure release.
the rattle stopped and the sub was hitting harder.
but now there is awful port noise.

where should i locate a port? how big should it be?

this is a lot like my box.
the connection things are on the back of the box instead

hey don't know if you still need help or not with your port issue, but there is a really good port calculator on just play with the port size value and you should find something that will work
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