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Anyone who have read the Gantz manga? I really like it. Very interesting storyline and lots of action Smile. The drawer is really talented as well. If you haven't read it you should check it out imho!

And while I'm at it, does anyone know about the break atm? Haven't seen a new chapter in a long while Sad

Hehe, today when I checked there was 4 new chapters available Very Happy. Hoorray!! Hope there won't be such a long gap til next chapter Razz. It's damn thrilling at the moment..

Very Happy
My uncle recommended this to me last week. I haven't been able to pick it up anywhere, but I'll definitely scour the internet to read it. I've been dying for a good read and hopefully this won't disappoint.

[Will edit later ...]
I saw the first season and the second is good I think we have not even published.
Is there an animated version of Gantz, I though I've heard of Gantz before but as an anime.
Mrs Lycos
I saw the anime a time before, and i am thinking of start reading the manga, because its really good i loved it, it has comedy,romance:roll:, action, lots of blood :twisted:and that the story is original. Razz
Do you have a link where we can watch the anime?
sounds promising :p i'll give it a read and see how it goes, thanks for the introduction ^_^
I only seen the anime (both seasons), but the manga is on my "plan to read" list. Smile

When I finished the anime (~2 years ago) I thought it is mediocre and I will not watch it again, but about a week ago when I listened the OST I had an urge to rewatch it. ^^
Started reading it and couldn't really understand it. Maybe I'll come back to it later, but right now, all it seems like is boobs and guts.
yeah i like gantz too, feakin' bloody and the anime is quite good too, they just minimized the gore that is Sad
I've watched all episodes of the Gantz anime series. I think the manga is way much better as it goes beyond the last episode of the anime. For me the last episode of the anime doesn' toffer much explanation or closure. Seems to me like they run out of budget and should have a few more episodes but they run out of money to do it.
gantz is the best i have ever seen, I watched the anime last week and I love it, then i start reading the manga and im finally done, waiting 4 the 299 Very Happy
wow gantz 299 he sleept with reika lol, i knew he wouldn't resist that pressure askdjhsakdjh hahahahhaha
I wish they would continue the anime, the manga has gone a long way since the last anime episode.
I tried to watch this anime once, but it is WAY to violent and that kept me from it. which is sad since it seemed to have had a good story
This is one of those Anime that messes with your mind a little, sadly however it isnt a very good one when it came to that. Honestly the ending was disappointing, but overall it keeps you interested right through it all. It has quite a few cliff-hangers, to the point where you get tired of cliff hangers. Its something you should watch when you have every single last episode. And I did thankfully, but yes I hate Gantz (not the Anime but the character in the Anime), hes just so... well if I had a black ball with a bald man in it giving me random orders Id be a little peeved. Too bad the guns didnt work on him
Gantz Rox \o/
I was never able to watch the show since it is so violent and it was just discusting to me. i bearly made it throught the first ep before i shut it down. the only reason i held out was to see if it got better and to me it never did.
I wish they would continue the manga now, I think its nearing the end. Don't care much if the anime continues, but at least finish the manga.
Additional info for Gantz fans, a live action movie is planned to be released by next year. I think they are planing 2 movies.
blk3 wrote:
Additional info for Gantz fans, a live action movie is planned to be released by next year. I think they are planing 2 movies.

That would be quite cool considering, but it would sooooooooooo have to be rated R or MA to make it worth the watch. Seems like some of the movies coming out based off anime are really laking to their originals.


I believe the blood vampire movie came out this month, should be interesting for a watch at least.
i like xxx scence in this movie..soo great
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