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Database Error: Unable to connect to the database HELP

Hey guys,

I'm having some trouble with MySQL databases.

I had a Joomla install at my parked domain,

I made no changes to this install and I now get the error "Database Error: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL" whenever I go to either of the addresses.

I did install a few new databases namely Wordpress to when I follow this link it works fine, I've setup the addon domain and when I go to I get the same error as above WTF.

I have another website hosted on here which isn't MySQL driven and that is completely unaffected.

So i'm not sure if the 2 issues are related or completely seperate. Any help much appreciated as I'm a total noob at MySQL. Could making the wordpress database have affected the Joomla one?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I think its because I've changed the password for my user, so the latest database works fine and now the old ones don't. I should be able to sort it out solo, thanks. Anyone got any tip for the best way to setup more than 1 database user?
Ok now everything works fine except that redirects to so does I have installed wordpress to to the fxprices directory which must be correct as per

Why does it redirect to the wrong area. While has no problems?

I use godaddy hosting it must be because its not pointing to index.php correctly in the wordpress folder.

Edit all fixed answer found at . Woot it was the wordpress settings.
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