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just another introduction...

Hey, I'm Tabitha and I am 21. I have a nervous system disorder called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy(RSD), basically it causes extreme pain to the effected area, for me its my entire body including internal organs, mouth, and eyes, along with a lot of other horrible symptoms. I've had it since I was 11. Theres no cure but there is a treatment for people w/as advanced RSD as me, where they put you in a coma for 7-10 days in Germany. No insurance covers any of it, so I'm signed up with frihost to make a website to fundraise so I can do it. It costs almost $100,000!!! After I get better I'll continue my website to help others fundraise and spread awareness about RSD.
I'm so glad I found frihost where I can get such great features and support, since I'm trying to raise money not spent it. Maybe I'll even make a few friends out of it!
Have a great day:)
Hey... welcome to the forum, honest to goodness. If i was to come across a great deal of money I would fork it to you to help you out.
I know that doesn't help you now... and me being flat out broke.
but seriously if i ever won the lotto or something... a big win or money. or came across a lot.
I would pay for it all for you if i could.
having to go through pain everyday of your life... seriously makes you not want to even live.
I have attempted suicide because of it myself..
I will keep you in my prayers.. when i get a new account give me your link to your account.. I will try to donate some.. I wish i could donate more.
it will be awhile before i can even open a new account seen as how i only have like 3$ on me right now.
when i get a settlement.. (I wont have much left)
I'll try to help though.
may God be with you.
Hi friend welcome to Frihost community...!!! Have a nice stay...!!
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