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Please give comments and feedback on my website!


My first ever personal domain! This website is created for the first ever debut album release of Singaporean D.I.Y Composer/Singer YET! Please leave some feedbacks for the layout of the website, recommendations of better features that can be added to the website. Thanks a million!

Website is currently only in mandarin which many browsers may not understand. But the links are pretty straightforward and the original single release song plays the moment browsers enter into the main body of the webpage. English version of the website would be out soon! Stay tuned.

Website Details

A brand new singer with his debut mandarin album release! Website introduces his first pre launch of his Single Album "No Problem Yet". Visitors get to listen to the single and may stand a chance to win the single CD from YET! More updates about his upcoming performances and radio broadcasts/interview dates included in the website. Original composition by YET throughout the album. Do give feedbacks about the website and the music yea?! Thanks!

Website is in mandarin though and an english version would be out on the trots soon! Do keep a lookout!
wrong forum...

some feedback:

layout is clear, not overloaded, colors are good.

the 5 small jpg at the top have baaad quality - and why do you use pictures if you can do the same with <div> (pictures = more traffic = slower site)

Backround music - Shame on you
if you want to give a short impression of this singer then make a short 30 seconds .mp3 (and do not play it all the time) and if the user wants to hear more then give him a link to the mp3 or stream or whatever.

layout only works good in maximized window - vertical and horizontal scrolling is shit Very Happy i hate that - you will see what you have to do - just test it
I am viewing it in Firefox 3 and I don't see horizontal scrolling, just vertical, which is fine. I did think the middle two columns were a bit too thin.

Another thought on the mp3's: I would have a player where the user can choose to play the song. When it autoplays, it uses up bandwidth that you may not need to. Let the user decide to play it and then they can exert a little control, which will help them like it better.

Good luck with your site!
I agree with GB that the center columns could stand to be a bit wider, but overall, it looks nice. I have no earthly idea what it says, but it looks good!
hi! thank you for the posts. its really helpful and i will make the suggestions which deem fit and are within my abilities. it was the first time i really heard constructive advices cos' most friends would prolly be too concerned with making the creator of the site feels good. had been wondering if there are any free sites that provides scripts to play songs and allow toggling with the startstop of the song? will definitely look into the scrollbar issue with internet explorer becos currently its not occuring to me althou i'm using ie explorer too. all in all thank you and hope the feedback keeps coming in! will appreciate suggestions to improve or add on to the page.

are there also simple and free scripts taht creates forms to allow visitorsto type in stuffs and be sent to our email straight from the site? is definitely goin to improve the site and make it a good one. visit is more often!
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