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Any suggestion here?

hi,i love a girl but she has a boyfriend,what should i do to get her?

have some class...she is with someone...if you "take" her from this other guy, what makes you think she wouldnt do the same to you if you get together with her?

just leave her be until she and this other guy break up
How Exactly Do You Know You Love This Girl?

What Makes You So Sure That You Want To See This Girl Every Single Day For The Rest Of Your Life?

Because That Is What It Would Be Like, If You Love Someone That Means You Never Want To Leave Them And You Want To Be With Them Forever.

She Does Have A Boyfriends, And You Should Leave Her Alone About The WHole Love Crap Until She Dpes Break Up With Him, Unless She Never Does Because Even Though You May Love Her, She May Love Him. And Thats That.

If She Does Break Up With Him, Don't Just Jump At Her And Tell Her How You Feel, That Would Freak Her Out. Give Her Space And Give Her Time, Get To Know Her And Be Her Friend. Be There For Her And Show Her That You Care.
Trust me, you don't want to get involved with a girl who's interested in another person, let alone in a relationship with them. Screwing up someone's life or just making yourself look like a complete fool over a girl that's not even worth it really doesn't end that well, despite contrary movie beliefs. I've been in these situations, and it never ends well. Trust me, there are plenty of other fish in the sea.
good advice by the others here...leave her alone.
if she is with someone why would you want to 'take' her?
she should be able to chose who she wants to be with and i guess she already did.

love is not selfish. a huge demonstration of 'love' is to not attempt to 'own' her or destroy her present relationship for your own gain, just wish that she is happy and let her be.
jossylala wrote:
hi,i love a girl but she has a boyfriend,what should i do to get her?

You should forget it and listen to everyone who's replied to this thread. It's not your job to figure out what's good for her when she's with someone else. Maybe she's blissfully happy with him, maybe she's miserable, though likely it's somewhere in between. All you can do is be friends with her for now. If you truly care for her, you can show her through your friendship without crossing any boundaries. If the two of you are meant to be, then she'll become available at some point and you'll have your chance then. Until then, forget it. Don't pursue her, don't wait for her, don't do anything to "get her." Find the other girls out there and pursue the single ones. And like I said, if the two of you are meant to be, you will be. Have some faith
If u really love this girl.... Then just let her be with the person she wants to be
I have to agree with what the others said here, leave her alone. I understand it is hard but she already found someone she loves and you will have to accept that. Maybe her relation won't last forever and you'll get a chance if they break up. However, for the moment you should leave her alone. It's alright to get friendly with her etc. but I wouldn't confess you love her or somethin like that as it'll probably do more harm then good to your relationship as it is now.
relationships are really tricky one wrong word can ruin everything
for this reason its better to have a few ground rule when you begin with
your relationship
rules add structure to your relationship
make it more organized
they are essential
Let me tell you the story of me and my soon-to-be fiancee...

5 years ago, in our sophomore year of high school, we fell in love. She had a boyfriend, but it was nothing serious (no physical). She had few friends, so basically she had him for some companionship.

I wanted to be with her, but I knew that I would never get her by pulling her out of a relationship or forcing myself onto her.

I waited. I still loved her. We became best friends, and I helped her and supported her all through high school and college. About two years ago, I told her how I felt about her. She had broken up with her boyfriend, because it was not serious enough. We ended up spending nearly every day together over the next few months - getting closer and closer to each other. She did not think I could be a boyfriend (I was "that guy," the poor sucker who gets to hear all the problems, loves the girl, but could never call her his). I finally convinced her, and we have been together ever since. She was pissed at herself for not realizing how much I meant to her sooner.

Now, we live together. We'll be getting engaged in the next year or so.

The bottom line is, if you know she is the one, stay close. If it is meant to be, it will happen one day. Remember that if you truly love her, you will want what is best for her. If she is happy where she is now, then you should leave her alone and not make her doubt herself. Interfering with her love for another will only cause resentment, and end any chance you have.

If you love her, let her go... She will come back to you if it is meant to be.
Its all good advice love, I hope you can love enough to let her chose.
You may be in love with this girl, but obviously she is commited to someone else.

If you try to get in between her and the boyfriend, it will result in either of two ways.

Either she may look at you as a fool and continue with her relationship. This may hurt you given that you may have invested some time in trying to change her mind, but fail in the end.

She may also eventually see it your way and agree to have a relationship with you, but you may still have issues with the then ex-boyfriend.

So i suggest that you control your emotions and move on with yur life. There are plenty of nice unattached girls who would fall in love with you without putting you through a lot of drama
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