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which is the best Batman movie for you?

since Batman will be shown soon, which for you is the best Batman film as well as actor that best portrayed the dark knight?
From what I have seen so far, Heath Ledger Joker looks to be the better one. He is freaky, not funny.
For quality, the original Keaton Batman with Nicholson as the Joker. Such a dark, moody, good movie.

just for grins, The Batman Movie, the true original, with Adam West and just about EVERY villain up against him =P
I would say the original one with Michael Keaton and Tim Burton directing, or Batman Begins. I think the reinvention of the series was needed and very well done. Can't wait to see Dark Knight, though it doesn't come out here in Japan until the end of August.
I feel that the one with Michael Keaton was really good. Batman Begins is my favourtie though. I've got to say, my favourite may just become the Dark Knight. I just can't wait to see it ... Heath Ledger looks brilliant as the Joker ...
The last one with Christian Bale, Batman Begins
Oh the Dark Knight! Heath Ledger (may he rest in peace) definitely made that movie a number one hit in the box office. He was brilliant in it. The movie itself was powerful. It was full of surprises. And had eerie humor.
The Dark Knight is just a fantastic movie ... one of the best movies I have ever seen .... Heath Ledger is outstanding!
I think the last two Batman movies are the best so far. I like how they portrayed Batman in these movies because in the past Batman films, I feel that Batman was portrayed like a cartoon character. I feel that the two latest Batman movies portrayed him as a real life super hero. The characters are realistic in appearance and forms. I also like the way they dressed up the villains - say for example the Joker. The Joker is dressed up differently compared to the previous films. I feel that in the previous film, the Joker was dressed up like a cartoon character but not with the current Joker. I just feel that the latest Batman movies indeed found a human touch.

Also, Heath Ledger portrayed Joker in a different way - as a psycho and not just someone who love funny lines or something.... Now I appreciate the character The Joker.

I think 'The Dark Knight' was good. In fact i could rate it as the best.

I love the modernized version of Batman in the Dark Knight and they'll never be another Joker like Heath. Its the first batman movie I watched more than once at the movies and I wanna try watch it a third time before it leaves the theaters.
Since I haven't seen the Dark Knight yet, I'll have to go with Batman Begins, the Batman movie with Keaton follows a close second. I like the first 2 Batman movies by Keaton, the rest Batman Forever, Batman and Robin seems too campy for me.
I haven't seen Batman Begins to be honest, but if Dark Knight continues along the same path as its predecessor, it should be great - I really enjoyed watching the new one in cinema this week. Much more than any previous batman movie, I should admit.
dark night. for sure Razz
Batman begins was probly my favorite batman movie i loved the cast in it, and also how it introduced you into the batman world. They did a great job and i have seen the movie @ least 10 times now and still enjoy it
the dark knight ,
Batman Begins was the worst movie of "Batman" ever !!!
Dark Knight with Heath Ledger as Joker, definetely. By merit, Heath Ledger's Joker is enough to make the movie the best......
I actually liked one agaist which almost everyone seems to have a grudge - Batman Forever. Maybe it was the whole Nicole Kidman facination that I had at that moment but I did genuinely like the movie. In fact I even liked Batman and Robin, I couldn't help it - with Uma Thurman and all! But it has been ages since I saw the movies though. I got the feeling if I sit down to watch the same movies now I might just lose something from my childhood.
Now that I've seen Dark Knight, that is the new favourite. That was a well done movie... what I always wanted from a Batman movie.
I haven't seen Dark Knight so mine would be the first one.
Dark Knight, no doubt is the best Batman ever! But prior to this, I have to say Batman begins. The other Batman's were a little linear story-wise. No flair, little drama, your typical catch-the-bad guy-before we ran out of popcorn thing. A typical comic book-based super hero adapted in the big screen. It's like watching a cartoon episode of it. You'll know he would get the villain before an hour or so...In Dark Knight, the approach is much darker and heavier. It's like "this is the real Batman if he ever existed". The theme, the plot, I mean, everything is perfect. Heath Ledger is perfect. Christian Bale is brilliant.(But whats with the voice?). To tell you the truth. I place it on top of all the super-hero movies of I've seen. This one is a classic and hopefully, if other movie houses would adapt another super-hero flick. Based it on the "Dark Knight" please.

--But George Clooney is still the best fit batman of all time--
my_love wrote:
since Batman will be shown soon, which for you is the best Batman film as well as actor that best portrayed the dark knight?

I liked the Batman where Michael Keaton starred together with Kim Basinger and the Joker was Nicholson.
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