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The Zombie Survival Guide

I love The Zombie Survival Guide. It's by Max Brooks, who is the son of Mel Brooks, and sketch writer for Saturday Night Live. The book has an extremely detailed insight of how to survive a zombie apocalypse. Maybe that's what is hilarious about it. I don't know about you, but I'll be on an offshore oil rig when it hits.
ok we´ll know where to look for you then when we´re all converted into zombies!
Was it actually a book, or just a short reference?.. I guess I could look it up.

... Okay, for those interested, check here

My question: is it actually that funny? How were the writeups for it?
I don't know whether it was that funny, it was just a damn well written book, with some nice ideas for them survivalists and... that's all I found. A good read, nothing monumental though.
I've been looking for this book...

Never found an e-book version in Portuguese.
My friend has this book - but i've never looked into reading it.
I was gutted when I found out all the case studies at the back were made up.
Wasn't a katana meant to be the best way of disposing of one?
I love parodies like this. They had an urban survival guide like this, for when a nuclear / EMP apocalypse comes and cities are turned into literal concrete jungles. A bit of satire and a lot of social humor that really makes you think about how the world is turning.
I've read the material on the website. Very Happy It sounds awesome =] I like how it's so serious and all...
if you need some training you can practice online here
Well, if you facing normal zombies just shoot em' like there's no tomorrow..but if you facing The 28 Zombies...well then you're screwed cause them mutha ****** run like there going for Olympic gold!
Okay, interesting to hear other thoughts on it. I came across someone reading it a few years ago, who briefly explained it to me, and I was given it recently as a gift. Haven't started to read it yet.
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