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Welcome to the NHK!

Welcome to the NHK is an occasionally surreal “slice of life” anime centered around Satou Tatsuhiro (pictured). Satou is a hikikomori, a shut-in, like an estimated 1 million of his countrymen. He doesn’t have a job, living off an allowance from his parents. He hardly leaves his apartment because of a morbid fear of others. And he is convinced there is a conspiracy that has turned him and people like him into hikikomori. This conspiracy is headed by a group he calls the Nipon Hikikomori Kyōkai, meaning the Japanese Shut-in Corporation (a play on the national public broadcaster Nipon Hōsō Kyōkai).

Attempting to come to Satou’s rescue is Misaki Nakahara, a young woman who’s decided to cure Satou of his hikikomori ways. This is the central plot device of the show, with Satou also managing to go on various adventures as he tries to cure himself, like meeting a suicide pact club and creating an erotic video game. But he always ends up right back where he started, which is a big part of what’s brilliant about this show.

Has anyone seen it? Question
Mrs Lycos
Wow thats a good summary of it Cool
Yeah, i see it it was very good,but i dont know the end is a bit ,simple, but in that time i loved it Rolling Eyes
I remembered I've downloaded a copy of this before but never got around to watching it.
I've watch this series, not recommended for first time anime watcher, some "comedy" etc etc etc comes for japanesse audiences. Even the therm "hikikomori" can't be translated to english or another language easily.

The "hikikomori" itself is a disease that not yet counted as a real "disease/sickness" in modern (western world) but japanesse already have it named. So some people maybe can't understand what kind of people are Hikikomoris is.

Over all this anime is so-so. The comedy is a "black Comedy" things, so some people maybe can't understand the meaning if they didn't think or know which part is funny.
I enjoyed this anime quite a bit. This is probably because I have a rather dry taste in humor, preferring movies like Office Space or Clerks, so if you are like me, then I recommend it whole-heartedly. It's got a great personality, as an anime, with solid characters and who develop, and a diverse storyline that covers a lot of interesting topics related to the main theme. It's also one of those shows that will make you sad when you finish it, assuming you liked it in the first place of course.

I didn't have any idea what a hikikomori is until I saw this anime, but it does a good job of giving you a definition, and the first episode will give you a good enough understanding just from observing Satou.
I greatly enjoyed the show and it makes you think about things. I disagree that the humor was not clear. the show did have its serious parts, which made it good, but that just might be me since i enjoy a show that takes itself serious, but also knows how to laugh Smile

Edit: it may also help if you have watch other show before it since it is an anime that has
otaku(ism)* in it and some of the ways that the main character acts will only be funny to those who have watched and of course enjoyed other shows

*a person who is addicted to anime in an extreme way, in america this definition sometimes also includes people who just watch it occationally
I watched this a while back when it first came out. I really enjoyed it and thought it was pretty funny. I liked when the main character would have his panic attacks and start tripping out or start having hallucinations. My friend who I introduced the anime to enjoyed the anime so much he read some of the manga.
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