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Yearbook Collecting

Hey everyone. Just thought I'd start a topic on one of my hobbies, yearbook collecting.

I currently have around 500 yearbooks of all types, about 270 of those being Kentucky schools or colleges.

I have a high school yearbook autographed by Mike Lieberthal (Philadelphia Phillies) and another that includes Brianna Scurry (US Womens soccer). In my collegiate yearbooks I have many athletes that went on to play their sport professionally.

I like to collect yearbooks for many reasons:
a) their historical value
b) their genealogical value
c) the cultural differences of different areas
d) we don't have anything like this back in England (where I'm originally from) and I really wish we did. A memento of my high school days would be most treasured now.

Anybody out there interested in this hobby too? How about telling us if you went to school with someone noteworthy and letting us know which school and class they would have been in?
Great. That reminds me... Our high school yearbook is still unfinished. Crying or Very sad
In Belgium we also haven't got things like this... I really wish we had... If I ever go and live in the US I'll probabely be collecting them too... I really like genealogy, it can help lots of people...
that's so cool, I never thought of collecting year books! That's a great idea. I hope you do well out of it. Do you think you would ever sell any of them? Like the ones with the famous signatures and stuff? You could make heaps off it.
You could find new actors and actresses and sportspeople and stuff and track down their high school years book now and then hopefully in 10 year or 5 years these people would have made it big and then you would have something really valuable... or they may not, and you wouldnt, but hey, it would be worth a try.
If I get famous, I will track you down and send you one of my yearbooks... chances are fairly slim though, as a thirty-something stay at home mum! I guess I could do youtube!

Anyway, cool hobby!
That is actually a pretty interesting hobby. I usually think of yearbooks as something that only has true value to their original owner but from what you pointed out in your post, I can see the value to someone else. I only have my middle school yearbook from 8th grade and my high school yearbook from senior year. I do enjoy looking through my parents yearbooks and seeing how things have changed though.
That is one of the most interesting collections I've ever heard of. In my possession I only have eight yearbooks. Four from my highschool career, and then my Mother's yearbooks. But even seeing the difference in those is startling.
i like to create the yearbook
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