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Suggestions to help maintain a training plan

I feel that I had been using so much computers nowadays that I am getting unhealthy with the lack of exercise. However, after so many years of "reduced" amount of exercise, I now find it very hard to keep up with a training plan. I either get "too busy" or "too lazy" to exercise, despite the fact that I know I should be exercising. Any suggestions to help me get more discipline when it comes to exercising?
man, i dont have the answer but the same question..hehehe
I will be back here to see any example too...
One way i think is usually to find someone else that wants to train and you will motivate each other. On days when your feeling lazy they would pull you off the computer and go jogging and days when they are reaching for ice cream you stop them and head to the gym. Hard to find a good partner though sometimes though, best thing i think so you wouldnt have to depend on someone is to set up a time table and no matter what just stick to it. The mind is more powerful than your body so just keep trying. I have yet to figure it out though.. i always start working out and stop for couple months later but i'l trying again just using self motivation.
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A very good way to keep yourself motivated is to view other peoples progress. has a forum where members post pictures of their own progress, and I have to say some people have done some amazing transformations. You will see some bigger guys with a lot of excess fat become ripped and muscular in a matter of 7 -12 months.

You might think 7 - 12 months is a long time, but trust me, once you have been doing it for a few years down the road, you will be thanking yourself you ever got into it.

You also might want to look into a good exercise program. Again, has forums, so take a look around there for example and suggestion routines to get into.

The biggest, and hardest part of them all, is diet. I guarantee you that it is 20% training, and 80% diet.

A good diet and minor training will get you a long way. But excellent training and a poor diet will get you nowhere.

Hope some of this information helps.
i know the best way, it will cost you a bit but still.
see if your local gym can do this deal for you. Make yourself a schedule to go to the gym or thread-mill or whatever, and pre-order the times. I.e go down to the gym and pay in advanced that you will be coming on all these dates.

Now you will have to go down and do some exercise since you have already forked out loads of money on it.. =)
firtt at all what kind of exercise you have in mind?

for run you can foun thounsand of webs with info about training plans, if you need motivation and is running i think the better is to join a club.

but most important at all it cost, and be straigth to your plan, write it , i mean whats your goal?

run a 5 k, a marathon lost some pounds or what? and stick it.
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