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Login link in the main page itself

I'm not sure if it is only carelessness on my part or that there is indeed no login link in the main page of Personally, I do not save my password, neither do I keep myself logged in at all times. As such, I would have to login each time I wish to post in the forums. However, if i'm not wrong there is no direct link in the main page that allows me to login. I would need to click on the "Forums" link in the main page before the linkfor login is shown (and I have to click that link to go to the login page).

Just a simple suggestion, which I felt would make things more convenient for people who need to login every time. Thanks.
I think most if not all members bypass the front page and come straight to the forums,once your a member theres no real reason to go to the front page,perhaps if it was updated on a regular basis with news items and things like that,then maybe going there and having a login set up on there would be worth while,but as it stands i dont think its needed.
truespeed is correct. I know that I don't use the front page. I don't know where you are accessing this from but if use a bookmark, change it to go to the forums or type it yourself. If you find it really annoying, you could setup a redirect from a domain you own such as or something Razz

Once you reach the forum, there is a login form at the bottom of the page. There is no need to then also go to the login page.
Ghost Rider103
I must be one of the few members who go to the home page still, every single time I visit Embarassed

I'm just used to typing so often and clicking forums, plus it doesn't even take two seconds doing all of that.

I don't think a log in is needed, why can't you just click "remeber me"? Then you wouldn't have a problem trying to log in all the time.
Personally, I have a bookmark for the forum index, but I can see how this suggestion would be nice.

I know that there is a phpbb mod that allows you to have a blank page, but with all the session data et cetera still active, just like it was a page in the forums.

Why not make the homepage redesign using that blank page, and along with everything else on it, but a small login box there? Technically, the homepage would actually be a sub-page of the forums, but it could easily be made to not look like it was.
far easier to just make a login link or even to make a login box which disappears if you are logged in than to install that plugin.

But I think everyone could just bookmark If you use that link you'll be automaticly redirected to the main forum page if you're already logged in.
What's with that main page, anyhow? It looks like it hasn't been updated since Regan was president. Smile

Just my 2 cents. Running out of this thread now! Smile
GoldWyvern wrote:
What's with that main page, anyhow? It looks like it hasn't been updated since Regan was president. Smile

It actually hasn't changed since Alus Gorus invented the Internettum in ancient Roman times. Nowadays it's a world heritage historic webpage and is protected from changes, only minor restoration is allowed. Very Happy

And for who's interested, I am actually in the process of trying to restore an authentic 'login top', like on the forums. Wink
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