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Porpouse of hobbies

I personally dont like hobbies wich its last objective is to show other people how patient we are. For exapmple those people that hunt butterflies and are the entire life trying to catch the biggest and brightest only to show that they have it, dont like me. I like more hobbies wich can make you a better person or can make other persons better. For example, making the garden makes you better and makes other people better because it makes people feel well to see a well planted grass with beautiful flowers and is good excercise for you. What do you think?
I do not have a hobby with butterflies, but in my experience people like that are usually quite nice people. Butterflies are beautiful creatures and it takes hours of dedication to collect them. Think the striving for something beautiful and the discipline that goes along with it has to create something special in a person.

Think hobbies usually are spontaneous and come from your own interests, and if your interest is to become a better person or improve yourself, it can easily become a hobby too. Smile
deanhills wrote:
Think the striving for something beautiful and the discipline that goes along with it has to create something special in a person.

At least as much as gardening does... I'm surprised you oppose the two hobbies so; they have similar points. Patience, dedication, working with hands, show-off-able final result...
Butterfly, stamp, collecting... Hunting, living...
I don't know, for me, hobbies are a way of life. That part that isn't connected to surviving physiclly, but a part
that the soul can't develope without.
For some people that is collecting something, and I think they by doing that reach the same state of mind that
someone else does by for example knitting or running.
I see the hobbies as a way to compensate the lacks in everyday life. Most do not have an exciting, colorful, unusual and gratifying lives all life long, and hobbies (just like any other entertainment does) come to provide this, at some extent.

Hunting all life for the rarest butterfly: sense of achievement, pride of collector of rarities. Note that even this is not possible for majority.

White water rafting and bungie jumping: excitement and again sense of achievement. Being exposed to natural elements - what matters for other, experience of thousands of previous generations call for that, and where the urban dweller can get this?

Colorful and unusual: keeping parrots and reef tanks, self explanatory. Making own tiny tropical paradise, for us, doomed to live all life in colder and again, urban zones.

Gratifying: pets as companions.

One more, I met this on dollhouse miniatures forum: having at little scale what one can never (being realistic) have in real life. Garage with few Ferrari, mansion, Mediterranean house.

They have a point.

Gardening for me is pure maintenance, like - no offense meant - toilet cleaning or waterproofing deck. I have no possibility to do what I would like to do, due to bylaws, lot space and condition, and so on, so have just to makea lemonade from the lemons, that life gives.

It is better, than nothing - overbrimming by flowers mini-rosarium, passerby stop frequently, compliment and thank.

But could it be compared to the Albizzia julibrissin, rhododendrons, hibiscus and ferns, that I would like to grow, in amounts, that allow not to be under neighboring prying eyes all the time? Of course, not. This is a difference between maintenance and hobby.
In my experience it is usually the busiest people who always seem to have the most hobbies. I am not so sure that a hobby is something that comes from a lack of anything. It could make you more relaxed and happier I guess, but it is usually something that comes spontaneous and that you really like to do. People who are very busy people usually seem to spontaneously attract hobbies to themselves. My mom was like that. She was a very busy music teacher, organist, then got into painting as a hobby that became professional, stamp collecting, coin collecting, building dolls houses, rebuilding organs, birding, and then writing a book about birding, everything she touched became a hobby. She was one of those people that needed little sleep and could not sit still. I do not think her hobbies compensated anything lacking. They were expressions of her interests.
I don't think the hobbies are meant to 'impress people with patience.' I think that some hobbies are simply time consuming, but the time spent is simply a byproduct of the dedication to an interesting venture.

Besides that, I guess the point of a hobby is to just have a distraction from everyday life, that's not too difficult, and that's fun at the same time.
hobbies are a way to keep you busy when you don't have to work I think. It's like your social life... Without it you feel useless... And luckily everybody has different hobbies. I really like that, cause it's nice to learn new things from people with different interests...
My hobbies are done to enjoy my pass time
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