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The Breeders in Adelaide

So who is going to see the Breeders at Fowlers live?

Haven't heard the new album yet myself, but am definitely going to this show!!

well i am going to the show, but in a different context than i originally thought: a few months ago i managed to get my camera gear past a bouncer at the Gov and got some pretty good pics of Gyroscope (see the pics on my site below)

that got me a taste for live event photography, so i did a few shoots for friends band, getting better each time. i contacted the local street press, "rip it up" to see if i could get regular gig shooting for them with little success.

the breeders are touring here shortly and me and a friend got tickets secured a while ago. i was thinking of trying the same "sneak the gear past a docile doorman trick" but then i thought harder and came up with a different angle: a legit one.

i sent this email to rip it up:


Hi xxxxxxxx,

A while ago I contacted you with some photos I had taken at a Gyroscope gig at the Gov.

You mentioned I should let you know of any other gigs I might be shooting in the future?

I have tickets to the Breeders at Fowlers on the 31st and would love to shoot it for you guys, but am thinking accreditation will be needed before I can take my gear in? As I have already got tickets is this something you guys can suss out for me?

You can see some of my work here:



the reply:

Hi Benon
Thanks for your email.
Can you please call me on 7129 xxxx when you’re free to discuss? It’s just a bit easier on the phone.
Thanks xxxxxxx


a phone call later and i now have accreditation to take my gear in and shoot the gig for rip it up. and while it is not a paid gig (the opposite really, if you consider i paid for the ticket!) it is a GREAT opportunity!!

perhaps it will lead to further gigs, who knows?

and btw, if you are a breeders fan and have not heard the new album as yet, it's VERY different!
and here's some of the pics i got...

cheers Smile
You got some great shots in there!

I haven't heard the band to my knowledge though, I don't listen to the radio and I live in NSW...
well they are from the states so i don't think it makes a difference where you live!

you never heard cannonball? google it.
Cannonball was a big song back in '94 I think. It had a lot of airplay during the time when Kurt Cobain went down. Kim Deal of the Breeders is also the bassist for the Pixies...
true, and she also played with her sister in a band called The Amps.
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