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my site

her is my site ,
TP photo
my site is in Norwegian
I think your website has a nice start. Unfortunately, your photography never loaded on the home page. The design looks nice, but there is no content as I'm seeing it.

However, you do get some information if you click on "Bilder." I might go a little bigger on the thumbnails. That way, users will be able to tell a little better what they want to click on to enlarge.

Another problem I see is that the contact page is showing 404. Even if the page is not complete, it would be nice to have something up.

That's all for now, it is a great start, and I like the concept.
I get the same result as the above poster; I can't load the central content on your page.

As for the layout itself, it looks pretty good -- nice and smooth colors that blend well together. You might want to fix your font up a little, but that could be just me. I don't think the font goes well, so maybe you should try a different font.
you need to fix your navigation, you mix up german and swedish or danish (i dont know what's the language)
Too much Flash graphics for me and my poor computer Sad
I really believe that site with that graphics is looking good.
yeah you should fill your site - design is not the morst important, it's the content
a little slow here, but I think your page is just ok Smile
The template looks good and clean.
I sort of like your favicon, its simple
here is a translated version
hey champ, you have lots of broken links, pages not loading, images not loading etc etc. think you have a bit of work ahead of you!
Checked out your website... Nice photographs...

Check out my site...and tell me how it is...
your site needs membership? why would i become a member to a site i have no idea about? you need to tempt us with some reason to join.
Hey, nice start! I definitely like the layout. Just a couple pointers:

As most people have said, you need content. Of course, content comes with time though, so it's not necessarily something you can rush.

There's an image at in the footer of your page that points upwards. I was thinking it was a link to the top of the page but nothing happened when I clicked it.

One last thing- Your copyright statement on the side of the site is very large. You should either move it to a different page and link to that page from your footer, or somehow simplify it and stick the whole thing in the footer.

Anyway, good work so far! Looks like you've got a great start to a successful site!
1st of all , the design great !!
but i think you should change the colors ...
good luck with you web

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