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Sword Of The New World: Granado Espada


Official link:

Anyone know this game b4? Kinda a nice game with some unique features.

Sword of the New World: Granado Espada was developed by Hakkyu Kim, CEO of imcGAMES and creator of Ragnarok Online. In Korea, Sword of the New World not only won the award for Best Graphics but also captured the 2006 Presidential Award for Game of the Year. K2 Network now brings this amazing game to the West, and its localized version will feature an enhanced storyline, a more robust character creation process, better pacing, AI optimization, a more intuitive control system, hundreds of new quests and many other game enrichments. Set on a mysterious, dangerous continent with a story inspired by Europe’s exploration and conquest of America, Sword of the New World is destined to dominate the world of MMORPGs by virtue of its groundbreaking design features, fast-paced gameplay and amazing graphics.


Multi Character Control - Control up to three unique characters at once, each with their own statistics, skills, and levels.

Stance Leveling System - Master your characters?ˉ strengths through stances to unlock new skills and abilities. Increase your skill with your weapon as your stance level increases.

Prestige - Each one of your characters is devoted to the family you have created. As your characters rise in level, so too will your family level, granting additional buffs and prestige.

Massive PvP -- Fight alongside your clan mates for control of the many colonies that lay unclaimed in the New World. The more colonies your clan controls, the more power you wield. Regularly held GM-run PvP events also add to the mix in fighting for honor and prizes.

Political System - Two political powers are vying for control of the New World, with player elected leaders for each side. Join the Royalists, devoted to colonizing for the old world, or the Republicans who wish to break free and create a world of their own.

SotNW - PVP Video
Sword Of The New World gameplay trailer

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