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New Design Please Review


The design is not finished, and the there is zero content on the website, so the navigation doesn't actually do anything at the moment.

I'm just looking for some preliminary feedback while the design is in the early stages so that any somewhat largish design changes aren't terribly painful.

It may not validate because I'm working on it off and on.

The menu is a vertical jquery conversion of the famous JavaScript slider menu that was seen about a year ago. The original was about worthless, as it had 100% CPU utilization. The Jquery one only uses maybe 15%. So this menu is a hack of a hack of the original. The jquery version can be found here:

The curved corners are one of the various ways to create curves without images. The one I used just had a nice web based code generator, which makes it easier when your changing colors.

There is some nifty PHP underneath everything, but I'll save that for when it's finished.
It seems to me that the header is a bit too big. I might size that down a bit and move the menu to a horizontal one or off to a sidebar on the right. Of course that would mean giving up more space, so maybe that's not a good idea. I'd go for a horizontal bar then.

Everything else is fine by me, as long as the games are fun!
GB wrote:
It seems to me that the header is a bit too big. I might size that down a bit and move the menu to a horizontal one or off to a sidebar on the right. Of course that would mean giving up more space, so maybe that's not a good idea. I'd go for a horizontal bar then.

Everything else is fine by me, as long as the games are fun!

Out of curiosity what resolution are you using? I think the large header was caused by me using 1680x1050 to develop it in, I may reduce the size a bit when I get around to it. Thanks for the review.
I'm using 1600x1024 resolution in Firefox 3 on a Mac running OSX 10.5. Here is a screenshot:
GB wrote:
I'm using 1600x1024 resolution in Firefox 3 on a Mac running OSX 10.5. Here is a screenshot:

Very very nice.
This shade of blue is hurting my eyes, it's just to powerfull. Try something less nagging.
The header could use a little more pizzazz. You have a big chunk of off-center white space between the logo and the navigation. I'd center the logo in the space to the left of the navigation, or play around with some graphics, or both.
It's kinda average...

The colors could be a little bit softer as said above, and if i were you i would rescale the header also.
look sweet , but i think the menu should be in the left side
i like the menu style very much, also i like the light blue background, congrulation its very nice but the pale colour is not matching with the blue
I think if you add a drop shadow around the panels it would spice up pages. Look around the web and you will see the drop shadow on many site to help them to look different than a simple flat page.

If you right click on the drop shadow edges on the sides of the panels, and click view background image, you can see what I'm talking about.

I, myself, have been trying to figure this method out. For optimization purposes, the images are just slices on the screen which are repeated for the duration of the panel. I know how to do the overall background but the panels have eluded me up.

I think it is a table surrounding the panel but I'm not sure.

I agree with alot of the other posts in that it is a little plain, which is fine depending on the look you are going for. I also agree that the header needs some work, in addition to being too big, the title Java Script Games needs some work. If you are intentionally overlaping the text it should all be equal or it will looks sloppy and unfinished, you also might consider another font or stlye instead of the large and small caps. It is overall a good starting point but it needs more work on the details.
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everfine99 thanks its very nice tips with 7 great steps its very useful to me
its kinda boring
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