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Give me some more prog to listen to!

Ok guys, my selection of music is getting a little old and I've started listening to some of my older punk music (none of this newer pop punk garbage) just to space out the hearings of my prog/metal stuff.

So the bands I really like are:

Symphony X (I have all the albums from Divine Wings - Paradise Lost)
Dream Theater (Everything from Images and Words to 6 Degrees... I have Octavarium and SC but don't like them)
Porcupine Tree (a few songs off Deadwing and In Absentia)
Incubus (Science and Make Yourself)
On The Virg (Serious Young Insects and Just Add Water)
Pain of Salvation (Be)
Tony Macalpine (Evolution, Chromaticity, Madness, CAB, CAB4)
Dave Weckl Band (Multiplicity)
Karizma (Document)

And I'm filling in the gaps with some Mxpx, Blink 182, Frenzal Rhomb, Good Riddance, Strung Out, and a few others.

Anyway, I'm trying to add more progressive metal bands to my repertoire. Any suggestions? I am BIG on good musicality, it has to be creative and well written. I also like some good fusion (Karizma, Chick Corea's Elektric Band, Dave Weckl Band, CAB) and I'm trying to find more of that as well.

I'm getting a 16gb memory stick today to use with my new car stereo Very Happy and I've got 9gb of music already to put on it - about 1500 songs - so I've still got PLENTY of room for more music!
What?? No Rush in there? How can you listen to prog and not include Rush?

Weather Report too.
I keep forgetting to check out Rush, that's why! Smile

Thanks Smile
I can highly recommend Shadow Gallery - judging by the bands you mentioned I think you'll like them.

A couple of other names that come to mind:
Ayreon, Anathema, Spock's Beard perhaps? Maybe try a couple of Dream Theater's side projects - check their Wiki page for a couple of names.
I've got Snow by Spock's Beard, it's ok to listen to sometimes.

I borrowed a Shadow Gallery album once, but I got over it pretty quickly for some reason.

I've managed to get ahold of some Queensryche, Kamelot, Ayreon, and a couple of others which I'm listening to a bit.
Spock's Beard I found to be pretty lack lustre. It falls in with the vast majority of prog that is, well, uninteresting due to a lack of soul; technically interesting but without the heart to make it endure.
Spock's Beard has developed a new sound since Neal left the band, and I'm not really sure whether I like the old or the new better. The main song on Octane ("a Flash Before My Eyes") was quite great but there are some examples of songs I don't like, too. I definitely like the first few albums though.
Try more progressive rock bands.
These are my favorites:
Pink Floyd
King Crimson

King Crimson's The Court of the Crimson King album is their best album.
Here are some bands I listen to alot... as soon as i fix the headphone jack on my ipod haha.

Story of the Year,
Four Year Strong,
Sevendust (seasons cd),
Senses Fail

All Time Low,
New Found Glory (catalyst is a good cd along with sticks and stones),
Starting Line (Say it like you mean it cd),
Academy is (almost here cd),

Less Than Jake,
Reel Big Fish

Red Hot Chili Peppers,
Rage against the machine
I said more PROG :p
Prog is a wide term... Smile
You should check out Jamendo, they have a fair selection of rock. The nice thing is that everything on that site is free to download, under Creative Commons licensing.

Hope you like it.
any fans of van der graaf generator here? they transcend the term "prog" but i guess its the closest generic genre heading for them. heavy epic organ/sax led stuff with the best drummer in rock (guy evans) and one of the most distinctive singers (peter hammill).
I've given them a few listens but can't quite seem to get into them as much as other bands. Any specific tracks/albums you'd recommend?
I came across a band on the Gibson website earlier today called Focus; they had albums from 1970 until recently... Gotta say I'm digging them, a really different take on things.
I see no one put Opeth in here . So, if you listen to bands like DT or Pain of salvation I think Opeth will meet your interests:)
Opeth are NOTHING like DT!

I gave Opeth a go, but I just couldn't get into them. Musically they are very good, I have no criticism of their abilities or style but they're just not for me.

Coheed & Cambria is my favorite band, and they're progressive. Their albums tell a story, and a lot of their songs have a very progressive build. =P

The Mars Volta - I like them a lot. They're progressive.

And yes, Rush. ^_^

The Mars Volta are AWFUL... 50% of their albums are noise or silence, the guitar 'solos' are ridiculous random note hitting which don't even fit the songs. They do some cool things, but unfortunately the bad far outweighs the good!
I haven't heard all of their stuff, but they seem good to me from what I've heard... =/ Oh well, Coheed still rocks. XD Try them out. They're very talented, I know.
I agree, The Mars Volta I found incredibly hard to get into (never managed, even) and your description seems about accurate.

Opeth - indeed the music is great but all the screaming from the vocalist is making my ears bleed. Sorry.

Anyone heard of Riverside?
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