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My Portfolio

Ghost Rider103
Well, I'm not completely finished with it.

I have had a lot of people asking for me to set my portfolio up, because I do a lot of graphic work, and people like to look at a portfolio.

Even though I'm not done, I figured I'd throw it up here and let you guys C&C it, and so I can get some opinions on it.

As of right now, in the portfolio section, only the banners page is up. I think the logo page might be up to? I don't remeber really, but take a look around and let me know what you think.
Your portfolio is beautiful. I went through it and it looks like as you finished it, already. You should update this post, then.
I cna only say that`s average portfolio, I saw a lot of new ppl in GFX make portfolios like this, how long are u in this ? I mean GFX
Ghost Rider103
Thanks for the comments guys.

The website still is not yet complete. All the pages are set up, but as for the "Templates" and "Other" portfolio pages are not yet filled in with some of my work. Though Banners and Logos are, I just checked.

If you can find a beginner in graphics who can create real looking clouds from scratch (Clouds are whats to the left of the snowboarder), then your right, a beginner can create something like this.

The layout itself is pretty plain and simple. I had a lot of people bugging me to set my portfolio up, and I really wasn't ready to even start on one, so I just did something up for now, and later I am going to upgrade it. The site itself doesn't have much detail into it, like I said I was rushed on this by a couple of clients at a time. Rvec, Max, and a couple other users in the IRC channel wanted to see my portfolio go up as well, since I do some graphic work for a lot of the people in that channel. Actually I think I've done graphic work for most of the everyday users in that channel.

Thanks for your comment though, oh and it says in my portfolio how long I've been designing, since 2003.

I just changed the section buttons on my "Portfolio" page. The ones that were put there were square, and they didn't fit in too well, so I rounded them and added in some arrows on each side.

Once again, thanks for the comments.

EDIT: I also realized the text was a little too big, so I droped the content text down in size as well.
A few suggestions from my (screwed up Razz ) perspective.

  1. It's too narrow. I have a widescreen so its even more obvious. It just looks too small.
  2. It's very dark. Not helped by the fact I see even more dark background than others.
  3. The banner looks cool but the underboard of the board looks too much of a different style from your site.
  4. The navigation links at the top should be made so that clicking any part of the button acts as the link, rather than just the text.
  5. The colour of the footer looks a little odd compared with the rest of the site
  6. The ghostrider103 text at the bottom looks like 'wordart'. You already mention your name plenty of times, do you need that as well?
  7. Contact page should have a form. I've never seen a contact page before with an essay on how to contact someone. Create a form and put all of the info into hover hints. Puting spaces into your email wont stop some spiders!
  8. A new a:visited colour is required Razz

Nice design though. Smile
Ghost Rider103
Thanks Matt, I agree with you on most of the things you mentioned, espically about it being too narrow.

I plan on making a new design here shortly, right after I finish up this last project I have lined up, then I plan to make a lighter portfolio, and of course bigger.

Thanks for the comment.
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