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windows 4gb ram question

Seeing as how much of a hog vista is, i've been wondering: how much of the 4gb of ram 64 bit vista has do you actually get to use?
The 64-bit Vista can allocate more then 4GB of memory. So everything can be used, and will be consumed by the cache. :)
kansloos, didn't really understand your question Razz
I had Vista installed on my laptop, Vista occupied 700 MB from the 2 GB of RAM.
With 4 GB I can't be sure, but in the worst case scenario you will have 3 GB free to use.
You'll have to wait for someone with that configuration and with Vista installed to confirm this Wink
Microsoft products have always been very bad at memory management. 4GB for Vista is just enough, however if you add more memory to your system, surely it will eat that too.
Buying 3 GB of RAM is the best option for 32 bit systems.
Yeah, I have 4 Gbs but the System on can see and I guess only use 3 Gb. Vista 64 bit is nasty OS
ForceRun wrote:
Yeah, I have 4 Gbs but the System on can see and I guess only use 3 Gb. Vista 64 bit is nasty OS

You must be wrong, 3 GB it's the "limit" for 32bit systems (the limit it's 4 GB, but the system need to reserv some space, so you'll have between 3.5 and 3.12 GB free), Vista 64 can take up to:
    --> Vista Basic: 8 GB
    --> Vista Home Premium: 16 GB
    --> Vista Business/Enterprise/Ultimate: 128+ GB

Are you sure you've a 64 bit system Question
Agent ME
32-bit systems can use up to 4 gigabytes minus the amount of memory the video card has, and minus a few more reserved megabytes if I remember right. This is because the 32-bit architecture only allows for up to 4 gigabytes of addressable space, but there are other things that need addressable space other than standard ram (such as video card ram, but also some other things).

Windows Vista uses a lot of memory because it uses extra memory as a cache for data, which can make it more efficient. If you need to run programs that use more memory it should deallocate some cache-memory for you. A lot of linux systems do the same thing.
Vista 64 will see all GB's, but becouse of PCI is 32bits, u need to find remapping in your Bios to really use everything, or else the hardware that is supposed to use virtual ram is using real ram...
64bit can allocate something like 256^2 gb of ram I believe. However for some technical reason I have 4095 mb ram instead of 4096, which isn't a problem at all.
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