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Any one like birds (of the feather variety)

I love birds. Any kinds of birds. I also like the twitter birds, the small ones like sparrows that we see everywhere. It is fascinating how they can play with one another. Today when I was walking I saw two tiny sparrows playing with one another. Really cute. Right now with the intense heat in the middle east these tiny little birds have their beaks open almost all of the time.

I also love to watch the swallows do their acrobatic diving. I wish I could join them as it looks like incredible fun. Think birds are very intelligent creatures and the diversity in species is amazing.

Photo of the tree swallow:
I love birds! Any kind but I really like crows, hummingbirds, and cockatoos. I had a few birds over the years and miss them very much, but for now I settle on watching wild birds enjoy my backyard feeders:)
We have a great garden with a quite big pond, so we have plenty of birds here. I really like them Smile They are used to us and don't fly away when we come near.
But I could never put a bird into a cage... Birds are a symbol of freedom to me and I would hate it to take their freedom to fly whereever they want.
I love birds, almost any kind of birds. As a matter of fact, I can't think of any kind of bird I really don't like. Even the ones that aren't so pretty to look at, like vultures. I love them too.

Right now I have an Amazon Parrot and I love her a lot. I owned her parents so I've had her literally since she hatched from her egg. I also used to have a cockateil, (not a big cockatoo - the white ones). The cockateils are about the size of parakeets. I had my little guy for over 10 years and he was about 10 or 12 when a friend gave him to me. He passed away about a year ago and I still miss him. His name was Honey, but we nicknamed him Attila the Hun. He was cute and sweet but he had an attitude problem about people putting their hands into HIS house. I miss that little guy, he was feisty and he loved to whistle. If he heard whistling on TV (like the intro for The Andy Griffith show) he'd just go bananas, whistling his little heart out.

I also love birds. I have always wanted to have a pet macaw but i like to travel a lot and pets are such a hassle when our on the move. Especially those that may last 80 years :p
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