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Urgent! My Computer always enters bios on startup.

I use an asus p4b motherboard 1.61 Ghz and my computer always enter bios on startup. Recently, I bought a license for kaspersky and I get many problems as my date and time always is 1 january 2000 00:01 on startup.
Boot = HDD on IDE?
Have you tried searching for product support pages to find BIOs, I would start by reinstalling the BIOS for that particular motherboard.
How can I reinstall it?
My computer is a dell, the product support page has BIOS for my PC available in .exe format which can be run with Windows and does the work for me. If you can not get an automatic installer like that, you will need to look for a BIOS flash file for your motherboard and google for the proper flash software and tutorial to flash the BIOS (can be risky). And this is only assuming that your BIOS may be corrupt. Have you checked the boot menu in BIOS to make sure that the primary boot option is HDD on IDE? The only time I have ever seen a computer boot to BIOS is when no device was selected in the boot menu.

EDIT: ps: Love your avatar.
I have just updated my bios, but to no avail. I put the primary boot device to my hdd, but I noticed that everytime I switch the electric current off, my floppy disk drive becomes my main boot device.
I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier. You may need a new battery for your motherboard. I'm pretty sure all saved BIOS configuration as well as your computer time are powered by that small battery. Sorry I gave you such a run around trying to solve this.
as positive_vibes said, please replace your battery for the motherboard, it will remove your problem, only the battery has out, so no problem after you have replaced the battery, you have to set the date and time for only one time.
haha, yup it's most likely a dead battery as this will result in you date and time being set back to default. Most computers will however prompt you to enter BIOS or hit enter or F2 to continue loading your computer.
ya ya the same problem i have in the last week, when we are on the system it asks to press f2, now i have changed the Dead Battery now its ok no problem
Just replace the battery dude... Make sure u put it in the correct way
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