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Microsoft Pledges Windows XP Support Through 2014


In an unprecedented move, Microsoft has committed to providing support services for its soon to be retired Windows XP through 2014 -- a full 13 years after the operating system was originally released.

In a letter sent to customers this week, Microsoft senior VP Bill Veghte said the software maker will provide security patches "and other critical updates" for Windows XP until April, 2014.

"Our ongoing support for Windows XP is the result of our recognition that people keep their Windows-based PCs for many years," Veghte wrote.

Beyond the downgrade program, Microsoft will continue to make Windows XP available to manufacturers of low-cost PCs incapable of running Vista through June 2010. Low cost PCs, like the Asus Eee PC, are gaining popularity in fast growing emerging markets like India and China.

Without continued access XP, manufacturers of such systems would be forced to offer them with the rival Linux OS on board -- a situation Microsoft is hoping to preempt.


Without continued access XP, manufacturers of such systems would be forced to offer them with the rival Linux OS on board -- a situation Microsoft is hoping to preempt.

That's why they've done it! They finally figured out that ditching XP would bring their competitors much more business! Can't have people getting used to linux or switching to Macs can we?
Actually we should have that, as a little more competition in the OS market will be favorable for us in the end
When will we have a Google OS? Smile
HalfBloodPrince wrote:
When will we have a Google OS? Smile

Doesn't google already have a linux distro?
ocalhoun wrote:
Doesn't google already have a linux distro?

do you have a link for this? I searched but couldnt find anything on this, all I saw was that they provide google desktop for linux and they have linux repositories for some of the most common linux distros
Oh, well it looks like they're still working on it.
Ready to Linux, do not use Windows, if the OS can google it better
Well this is good news, as they first said they would drop support for XP Jan of 2008, I guess inorder to force the common user to swap to Vista. I'm glad they realized that Vista is not the only possible OS for people.
i have an xp laptop and im installing linux on another system. linux is truly the best os.
I 've read something the other day, IBM refused changing to Vista, i guess this is a big loss for Microsoft.
This could be one of the reasons Microsoft suddenly changed the schedule.
Now there are less and less reasons to stick with Vista... and the more I use ubuntu the more I like it.
powerfusion66 wrote:
IBM refused changing to Vista

Nice to see somebody with the guts to stand up to Microsoft.
I can see why they did, too. IBM is more of the professional workstation type, and many offices, schools et cetera don't want to switch to vista.
this is a great time to migrate to an os like ubuntu, mandrake, or somehing related. saddly for me, ppc linux is complicated
Fire Boar
What I'd love to see is for companies like nVidia, Asus, Netgear and Belkin, manufacturers of computer components and drivers, to support Linux. That would then encourage games companies to do likewise (indeed, Bioware's Neverwinter Nights has supported Linux for a while, and continues to be one of the best online RPGs out there). With Microsoft's Epic Fail that was Vista, this might just be the gap in the market that Linux and Mac needs to really shine out and tell the world "You don't need Windows". That would then give Microsoft a not-so-soft kick in the teeth to get its operating system back to the quality of its time that Windows 95 offered.

Simply put: Linux would be ready for mass consumer use if more people supported it.
i think its more an awareness thing. i know i bought a hardrive, a usb drive and a mouse that are all supported on linux. and even if they're not, easliy 90% of modern hardware is compatible. that and most people don't understand linux. much like windows has different versions for different users, so does linux. anyone with computer experience can use ubuntu or yellw dog or anything with the the gnome or kde gui. but on;y an idiot could expect a newbie to use slackintosh or debian.
haha they had to
no Windows OS has dissapointed me more than vista and its hard to find a happy vista user , evryone wants to go back to XP...
Good that i switched to Linux in time

ocalhoun wrote:
HalfBloodPrince wrote:
When will we have a Google OS? Smile

Doesn't google already have a linux distro?

No they don't have it out yet. Once they they it it would be a BIG news and everyone would know.
Anyways there are good enough Linux distros still available if someone wants to switch ..Ubuntu, Fedora, Suse ...all are great ....
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