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Vancouver Canucks

Ok, seriously, honestly, can someone tell me what Mike Gillis' master plan is???

The Canucks are SCREWED for next year. Is the master plan to throw the season and pick up Tavares next year? Or does the new front office and training staff have such a better plan in mind that Taylor Pyatt and Mason Raymond are going to be superstars this year?

This may turn out to be one of the most boring seasons of Canucks hockey in history. When will Gillis make a move??
I think Gillis has been doing a good job so far. He's basically doing what Nonis was trying to do, but better. If we can sign Sundin, we'll be a contender. If not, I'm sure he'll be making some moves to get some up front help asap!
Yeah, Gillis has been redeeming himself as of late. I do indeed like the depth he's been building.

My feelings on Sundin are mixed. On one hand, it could be a great combo to have Demitra setting up Sundin... especially when we play against Toronto...

However on the other hand, $10mil/yr is just crazy talk. We'll be fine for this year, but what about next year when we need to resign a whole smackload of players? The Sedins are up next year, as are Pyatt, Bieksa, Edler, and a handful of others. I don't think we can afford them if we have the $10mil hit.

I'm not sold that Sundin even wants to play in Vancouver. Why does he need so much time to decide whether he takes $20 million bucks or not?! Jebus!
Yup, goaltending's great, defense is great (other than the fact that they seem to be getting a bit old and injury prone Sad RIP Luc) bottom 6 is great, top 6 - needs work :p If Sundin actually signs, we'll have 3 top 30 forwards in the league, not to mention great depths down the middle.

10mil does seem like a lot but it is only for two year (or one year if so Sundin chooses). Gillis has been really firm on only giving out short term deals (e.g. Demitra wanted a 3 year deal but after all that time, he finally settled for 2). Next year we'll probably get rid of some unwanted weight (see Cowan the Brabarian :p, Pyatt will probably be gone too, I don't see how he fits into the team) and hopefully the cap will rise again. Some moves will definitely have to be made in order to fit under the cap but we can do it.

Sundin has been on vacation and the last thing I'd want to do on my vacation is to worry about things that have to do with my work :p But he's back from his trip now so he should be making a decision soon, or in the next 1 or 2 weeks Smile
Ok, so the Canucks have been looking absolutely stellar so far! Maybe Gillis does know what he's doing... Smile

Still... wouldn't hurt to have Sundin sign still. Smile
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