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Rice surrendered to the inevitable Monday when he retired, a month short of his 43rd birthday. The player who had spent 20 seasons tinkering with reality, bending it to his considerable will, wisely decided to embrace a painful truth.

The Jerry Rice of 2005 is a mere shadow of the man who dazzled us for so long.

It was time. He saved himself the agony of sitting on the bench. That's not where Jerry Rice belongs, and his retreat leaves us with better viewing options. We can always hit the rewind button in our mind and watch scenes from his glory days.

Höhööö riterement
It seems like Rice has been there forever. He played before I was born. Ever since I have been watching sports, I have known Jerry Rice. He was the first athlete I ever heard of. Having watched him my whole life, it's sad to think that this year, he won't be there playing. He has been a consummate professional on and off the field and it is sad to think that the game has moved on without him.

I would like to see him return to the 49ers as a wide receiver's coach or something.
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