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can't watch videos anymore

for some reason, i can't watch certain videos now. In general, i can't watch two types of movies: youtube videos in high quality and videos from They were working earlier today, and the only thing that changed since it worked was that i downloaded a few files (I deleted them in case they were the problem) but it still isn't working. I've tried it on other computers, and they work fine. In fact, i've tried the screwattack videos on the same computer, but with internet explorer (instead of firefox) and it worked (i can't test the youtube one because ie doesn't work with youtube for some reason). Any idea what's wrong?

BTW, the screwattack ones show only an enlarged, upper left quarter portion of the video before you click play, then a logo when u do. The youtube one, when you click high detail, all it does is add a # to the end of the url. I've tried the &fmt=18 trick, and it sort of works-it reloads the page, and it seems to be slightly better, but it doesn't work on one of my videos, . as you can see, it's fuzzy, and normally high detail clears it up, but it isn't. finally, there aren't annotations either (just noticed that)

*edit* okay, the screw attack videos sort of work... the top 10 ones don't, but the avgn ones play fine...except that the bar at the bottom, whatever you want to call it, that lets you fast forward/backward, stuff like that, is pretty much just the little selector box thing (sorry for being so vague)
okay, i found the problem...somehow, flashplayer un-updated itself, but i fixed it and everything's fine now
To avoid this kind of problem there is a player called mplayer. It is free and it can play any format. Try it
VLC is also a freeware and is the best in the category. i prefer VLC over Mplayer coz its more stable. try it and you will like the later better.
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