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I need help with programming...

I need help with programming. I'm 15 so don't throw something at that I have no idear about.
I know a little C++...I need to know-

-which program is the best (Dev-C++, Java, Visual Windows C++)
-which tutorials will help me the most with the above programm
-that someone will help
-and any other miscellanious info that HELPS

Tanks have a nice day! Very Happy
1) There are no all around best programming languages. You simply pick the tool that is best suits what you want to do.
2) Check your local bookstore or take a class.
If you are running Linux, try gcc for c++ compiler
If you go with c++ on windows, I'd say use code::blocks as the IDE with MinGW
Eclipse is good for java.
If you would like to learn a programming language, I would recommend Java. Java gives you feedback at compilation time re: what types of errors you may have made in your code, and also automatically stops memory leaks that come from faulty code.

Java tutorials: The one I'm using is from the Princeton introductory computer science course, which has all its course materials online:

MIT and probably other schools also have open courseware. The Princeton course gives you a good introduction to basic algorithms and the basic features of Java, but it is not an easy course for people who are new to programming and computer science. I don't know what you want to learn about programming languages and good luck!
fnds wrote:

I second that - fun to learn. I wish it had been popular enough to hit my radar when I first started - DIVE INTO PYTHON
Python - easy to learn, run-time debugging, NO BRACES
I first learnt to program in VB, but Pythons probably easier.
If ur sure about C++, Dev-Cpp.
A list of books on python:
hey guys,i want to learn vb,can you guys tell me how to go about it?thanks mates...
jossylala wrote:
hey guys,i want to learn vb,can you guys tell me how to go about it?thanks mates... (books) (books) Razz
thanks mate...
If you know a bit of c++, i would suggest stop, take a left turn and start java. With java, you will be able to appreciate concepts of object orientation in a much better way than c++. Also, with java, there is a sense of security and openness involved which lets you write machine independent codes, hich need not be compiled everywhere. Thus you can focus on the actual learning procedure and let java do the rest. After that you can also move to swing, then swt, then jSP, JINI is never ending. If you are interested in embedded systems, you can go for J2ME...So java is surely THE choice.
use dev c++ its quite widely used c/c++ compiler and is failrly intutive,

eclipse is more often talked of in context of java programming.
although java is based on more newer coding libraries and is fair enough advanced to handle networking and grphics issues intelligently i would suggest starting up and learning advanced code performance algorithms before switching to java.
Very Happy
abhinavm24 wrote:
use dev c++ its quite widely used c/c++ compiler and is failrly intutive,

Widely used but the compiler that comes with it is quite old. Better use something like Code::Blocks or Orwell Dev-C++ that comes with more up to date compilers with better support for C++11.
YOu can use Codeblocks mingw for an ide and compiler.
There are a lot of tutorials on the internet
I would recommend you to first try C (procedural programming) before jumping to C++(object oriented programming)
Start with Java.

    - It is strongly typed (integer, floating point numbers, strings etc)
    - It is well structured and forces object orientation
    - There are set design patterns and best practices to follow

There are many tutorial sites, I started at[/list]
Consider MS Visual Studio Express, it's worth to learn.
START WITH PYTHON. You will be glad that you did so in future . Just search for Dive into Python on google and well dive into it! Twisted Evil
I expected more from these posts... this is yet another useless bump

cabenqc wrote:
Consider MS Visual Studio Express, it's worth to learn.

MS Visual Studio express is an IDE and not a programming language, you can write code in .net or cpp.

And if you want to code in .net I would even recommend Sharpdevelop, this is an open source alternative to visual studio express which is limited in more ways then I like when you compare it to the pro edition.
Just to share my own experience:
Visual Studio Express bundled with IDE and various programming languages and tools.
I did use Visual Studio Express and for projects development.
As well, I did use Sharpdevelop as well for some projects.
Actually, I used Sharpdevelop before I use Visual Studio Express.

IMHO, for learning purpose, it is ok if a learner select either Visual Studio Express or Sharpdevelop.
For real project development, I prefer Visual Studio Express.
it is because availability of documentations and examples via online and books.
It is very easy for me to find Visual Studio Express examples for reference.
Of course, if a programmer or project, no need to have further reference or problems to be solved,
that is another story.

Personal, I think Sharpdevelop is a very good tool.
For developer like me with time constraint and working with many ActiveX and DOC programming.
Use Visual Studio Express is better for me to shortern my proejct development time,
mainly the integration documentations and reference issues.

Using Sharpdevelop as a learning tool, it's very good.
Because the package size is small and compact,
you can concentrate on programming first.
Visual Studio Express provides too many fancy stuff.
And Visual Studio Express current version must with Win7.
Sharpdevelop can use XP.

Have a very nice day.
Sorry my typo
Active X and [DOC] DOM programming.
@cabenqc Edit your post instead of putting the "correction" in a new post.

I've been working with Visual studio since it was released in 2005 and I've worked with the express editions as with an ultimate version prodived by my school.

I can guarantee you that Sharpdevelop has more capabilities then the express edition.

for instance, try to create a solution folder in a Solution of a Express edition... it's just not possible. a project that already has these folders will show them but you can't create them.

sharpdevelop does this out of the box... and doesn't need an hour to install
I did use Visual Studio since Visual Studio 1997. But, it is not the point I think.
For very sure SharpDevelop with many strong points, I totally agree. So, I use that as well.
IMHO, to learn programming language for beginners, SharpDevelop is very very good and suitable for teaching.
If I conduct a class with limited hardware resources to teach .NET programming languages and concept, definitely I will use that.
However, if a uni or vocational training institute to conduct a class, I think my department head won't allow me to teach SharpDevelop, because of the job market I believe.
It is also very good for real work but you need to be a more experience programmer, because it is not so easy to find support and documentation.
Of course, there are other reasons to select SharpDevelop besides "solution folder".
such as host OS/$/License/Final Devices etc.
IMHO again, it's worth to take a look of Visual Studio Express.
It's not only free.
It can help you to learn programming.
It is so easy to get support and documentation, that is important, especially for learner.
If you can handle VS 2005, then it is another story. Because you're not a learner.
It can help you to get a paid employment.
But, you miss the "solution folder" option. Do you mind? You decide.

Have a good day.
cabenqc wrote:
But, you miss the "solution folder" option. Do you mind?

yes, I do. I like to keep my solutions organized.

one for the libraries and/or dependencies
another one with my Main GUI app
and finally a unit testing project
It depending on the purpose that you are using the language. there are hundreds of programming languages in the world which are capable for various arias. So its better to decouple you from the programming language Razz .

Think that you need to create an application that needs a nice ui so it is better to use JAVA C++ or WPF(C#) for the work rather than python or ruby. But when we consider about the scientific programming its is totally different form the previous scenarios.

there is one unique truth. there are a style that each and every language is following. languages such as C# JAVA are following OOP style and have minimum differences at the top level. Python PHP doing same ... so it is better to concentrate on that style. then you can simply shift the language according to the purpose with minimum effort. Good Luck
In recommend python!!! Jave is much harder to learn - yes Java has its advantages but as a first language for a 15 year old i think no.

The reason why to learn python as a first language are discussed in this thread:
jgsedi wrote:
In recommend python!!! Jave is much harder to learn - yes Java has its advantages but as a first language for a 15 year old i think no.

The reason why to learn python as a first language are discussed in this thread:

I've been away for a while and it's nice to finally see some posts in the dev section.

however, I totally disagree with the statement above. I'm not a java man, not at all, but I do have a soft spot for the ecma dialects and I have to say that java was one of the easiest languages for me to learn and I still use it for android development today. hell, if the jre wasn't so slow I would even write my desktop applications in java. I mostly write in c# but let me tell you, IMO python is one of the ugliest languages I've seen.

side note: I used to hate powershell for the same reasons and still do but it has been getting more and more attention from me in the last couple of months because it has something that any systems administrator will love.

maybe if I dig deeper in python I'll see things differently but fot now, thanks, but no thanks
Yes, go for Python, as I also mentioned here.
Especially since I discovered the IPython interpreter I would recommend it even more.
IPython lets you run little blocks of code ( called cells ) in a web browser with the capability to show output instantly. This is a real great feature not only for scientists to quickly try out their algorithms, but also for beginners to try out Python interactively.
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