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Private message system "delete selected."

Hey, I'm doing a private message system for my site and can't quite find out how to have a user check a box and then press a button while PHP checks which ones are checked.

HTML for the buttons:

<div align="right"><input type="submit" name="delete" value="Delete Selected"> <input type="submit" name="delete" value="Delete All"></div></form>

HTML for the checkbox:

<td align='center'><input type='checkbox' name='deletem' value='$id'></td>

So, what I figured is that when you press "Delete selected" it posts all of the "deletem" numbers but all it does is get the highest number and I can't figure out why.

What am I doing wrong and how can I fix it?

I'm not an expert on this, so don't shoot me if I'm wrong ^^

I think you might have to delete them one by one using some buttons, or you could rename 'deletem' to deletem1, deletem2, because I think it overwrites all the time. I don't think its cool to have 2 inputs named the same on the same page.

Also make sure that in the next code your php script checks if the $id is actually owned by the one who is trying to delete it. It won't be hard for a passerby to just change the value with a JS injection or simply downloading the page.

<td align='center'><input type='checkbox' name='deletem' value='$id'></td>

I hope any other guys can help or correct me if I'm wrong,
To add delete buttons to all of the messages would just throw my site off, I know this way is possible cause forums do it all the time.

Also, I will secure my method, I just need to fix it before I do so. Smile

Thanks for your thoughts.
just take a look at the sourcecode of those forums then, you could just copy that.

I think they use checkboxes with an id for each pm and the "delete selected" button in in fact a submit button.
I'm just not entirely sure of how the PHP would get the ids and display the ones selected, not the highest one. I've seen on a few sites how they use "[]" in the names:


From this forums. Could that make a difference?
yeah that would make an extra layer in the array.
you'd get $_POST['id'] by using name="id"
and $_POST['id']['#'] by using name="id[]", where # is a number which starts at 0 and just increments with each addition to the array.
rvec wrote:
and $_POST['id']['#'] by using name="id[]", where # is a number which starts at 0 and just increments with each addition to the array.

Whoa, you can have two "addons" (not sure what they're called) to $_POST? If not, I believe I am slowly losing my mind.
if you use this as the name of a field : an[]example
you would use this to get the value of that field in the next script:

and if there are more places where you used the same name they will be saved here:

so in a pm script you could save all the values for one pm like this:
in the array $_POST['pm']['#']
you add 'id' with the id of the pm (in the db) as the value
you add 'delete' with a boolean value
and any other stuff you would want like move, send or rename depending on how complicated you want your system
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