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D&D Campaign Website ideas

I am thinking of making a website based on my Dungeons & Dragons 3.x edition game I am DMing. What sort of content would be interesting on this sort of sight? Do you know of any sites similar to this that I could go to for ideas? I have one idea being written by one of the players, a journal from the character point of view. What else should I include?

All comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
I personally haven't seen anything like that around. I also haven't played D & D for years so I am probably a little out of touch. I do however think it is a good idea. What exactly did you have in mind? Something interactive so others can join in on the adventure, or a log of the adventure more like a story?
Well the sections I have come up thus far and are VERY subject to change are:

Characters: A section with a page for each PC (Player Character) to include their character sheet, and I am planning on having player fill out questionnaires from their characters POV for motivations background sort of stuff.

Villians: As the characters encounter villians and either kill or defeat them, I will post their stats and information in this section

Maps: Any custom maps that I use in the campaign with a little history on them

A Monks Trail: One of my players started keeping an in game journal of the going ons. This section will be dedicated to her, so she can post the journal their.

Players: A section for each of the actual players with an about me type section and links to their own personal pages. (Its all about networking)

Concept: A section for concept art from the players and others that relate to the world.

Thats what I have so far. I am definitely open to more suggestions or changes
I would really appreciate more input form anyone.
not sure but that would be very cool, and maby basic npc generators, so i ant got to roll up new NPC's all day, would be very useful. and for all other creatures. were you can just like set level and item quality, and like boss option. and just instantly generate an NPC. that would be great! Please tell me if there is any thing like that.
Actually there is a couple of good ones out there;
A great generator for on the fly NPC's not a whole lot of customization, but enough for when the characters try and start a bar fight randomly in town. (Seems to happen with my guys a lot)
Full customization with a whole lot of supplemental options. The absolute best!!
Another one very similar to the first
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