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what are the things helps you to be a good writer?????

I'm here posting a thing that has always bothers me,actually it doesn't
but my friends make it so! here it is
I love somuch to write,so I write It's also the best way of I express my feelings
and hell yeah I want to be one of the best writers
but I'm not much on reading when ever and where ever I start to read I always felt asleep
I sleep where I sat before I even finish one page,that's all the case
and my friend up here are keep telling me to giving up on writing and to look another job
that fits me before It's too late just because of their funny principle which is
"no other but only the good reader can be a good writer" ha!
but I totally disagree with them and I'm saying
"any kind of person who knows how to use words can be a good writer"
and I deeply believe that's all it takes
besides I always watch different kind of movies
I also believe it teaches somuch,and I guess its more than reading
but the thing is I can't make them understand they're still saying "It ain't good enough"
they confirm"In writing no matter what else you do instead of reading you won't be creative,
and you will always lost"
oh please!"writing skill can only develop and be good after you write now and then"
I bet them!

what about you,who do you agree with!
I want to hear from you so post your Ideas over here!!

thank you!!!!
Man, a bit structure would help...
Anyway, reading will help you with writing because you can learn a lot from other authors that way. When you don't like to read, why should you write? Wouldn't you get bored by your own stories then? Very Happy
Whiskey. Whiskey and awesomeness are my major influences, and I've been pretty successful, I must say. Oh, and sex too. Yeah, gotta love that sex.
Writing is a skill like anything else. If you want to be good, you have to practise. A lot. Reading is obviously going to help as it will give you examples of good writing, different styles and such, whereas watching movies is showing you a different genre of writing (script writing vs novel writing) that isn't going to help to the same degree.

Also, if the legibility of your post is anything to go by, you are currently far from a good writer. (Somebody had to say it.)
Yes, I can't imagine a writer who doesn't enjoy reading. You miss out on valuable learning experiences if you don't read, so I think even though you don't like reading, if you wish to pursue a career as a writer you probably must read anyway.
Nameless wrote:
Also, if the legibility of your post is anything to go by, you are currently far from a good writer. (Somebody had to say it.)

So glad you were here, Nameless. Couldn't have done it without you! *HI-5!*

Yeah, you're never going to be a good writer if you don't want to read. The two go hand in hand. I see no predicament where you can have one without the other. The fact of the matter is that if you want to be a good writer, you have to read. It's important to know what makes other great writers, well, uh, great! Also, I say quit altogether. There are already too many lousy writers. We don't need any more harry potter fanfictionteers.
While it is perfectly plausible for a writer to make a living without reading that much, its not likely. Writing is a skill learned through 60% Practice, 30% Dedication. 3% inspiration, and 7% some sort of mind altering substance. Not to mention if your trying to make living off of your writing, (dont get your hopes up, its a highly competitive field, you have a better chance of getting into pro-futball) You have to be in touch with the trends of the populace. Just like in music, if you want to make money you will have to sell out and do what people want. They are the ones paying for it. You can write for yourself all you want, and maybe, by some small flaw in logic, people like it. But is it something your willing to risk your entire career?
I guess if its refreshingly new, yet people are able to connect with what you write, then u can be a good writer.
Writing a good book while you don't enjoy reading them is pretty much impossible. If you want to write something other people will enjoy reading, you have to know what's enjoyable about it. You can't learn to write in school, it's a matter of development over a long timespan.
Well, in my opinion you can''t write if you can't read. So I think that if you want to become a good writer you should alse be a good reader (you should read great literary works and learn from them, what makes them a hit, what makes them enjoyable). But most importantly, you must really enjoy writing for the fun of it and not just for fame or fortune. Who knows there are a lot of unpublished great writers out there.
Life experience lots of disapointment

and then the inner calm when older

write without fear and write for yourself

Metallica wrote and played what they liked took 10 years to reach mainstream

Do you want mainstream or cult, either way you are still aiming your writing at a group of some description

Do it for yourself
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