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The 100 Oldest Currently Registered .COM Domains

The 100 Oldest Currently Registered .COM Domains
(last updated 1/25/2003)
Create Date Domain Name
03/15/1985 SYMBOLICS.COM
04/24/1985 BBN.COM
05/24/1985 THINK.COM
07/11/1985 MCC.COM
09/30/1985 DEC.COM
11/07/1985 NORTHROP.COM
01/09/1986 XEROX.COM
01/17/1986 SRI.COM
03/03/1986 HP.COM
03/05/1986 BELLCORE.COM
03/19/1986 IBM.COM
03/19/1986 SUN.COM
03/25/1986 INTEL.COM
03/25/1986 TI.COM
04/25/1986 ATT.COM
05/08/1986 GMR.COM
05/08/1986 TEK.COM
07/10/1986 FMC.COM
07/10/1986 UB.COM
08/05/1986 BELL-ATL.COM
08/05/1986 GE.COM
08/05/1986 GREBYN.COM
08/05/1986 ISC.COM
08/05/1986 NSC.COM
08/05/1986 STARGATE.COM
09/02/1986 BOEING.COM
09/18/1986 ITCORP.COM
09/29/1986 SIEMENS.COM
10/18/1986 PYRAMID.COM
10/27/1986 ALPHACDC.COM
10/27/1986 BDM.COM
10/27/1986 FLUKE.COM
10/27/1986 INMET.COM
10/27/1986 KESMAI.COM
10/27/1986 MENTOR.COM
10/27/1986 NEC.COM
10/27/1986 RAY.COM
10/27/1986 ROSEMOUNT.COM
10/27/1986 VORTEX.COM
11/05/1986 ALCOA.COM
11/05/1986 GTE.COM
11/17/1986 ADOBE.COM
11/17/1986 AMD.COM
11/17/1986 DAS.COM
11/17/1986 DATA-IO.COM
11/17/1986 OCTOPUS.COM
11/17/1986 PORTAL.COM
11/17/1986 TELTONE.COM
12/11/1986 3COM.COM
12/11/1986 AMDAHL.COM
12/11/1986 CCUR.COM
12/11/1986 CI.COM
12/11/1986 DG.COM
12/11/1986 PEREGRINE.COM
12/11/1986 QUAD.COM
12/11/1986 SQ.COM
12/11/1986 TANDY.COM
12/11/1986 TTI.COM
12/11/1986 UNISYS.COM
01/19/1987 CGI.COM
01/19/1987 CTS.COM
01/19/1987 SPDCC.COM
02/19/1987 APPLE.COM
03/04/1987 NMA.COM
03/04/1987 PRIME.COM
04/04/1987 PHILIPS.COM
04/23/1987 DATACUBE.COM
04/23/1987 KAI.COM
04/23/1987 TIC.COM
04/23/1987 VINE.COM
04/30/1987 NCR.COM
05/14/1987 CISCO.COM
05/14/1987 RDL.COM
05/20/1987 SLB.COM
05/27/1987 PARCPLACE.COM
05/27/1987 UTC.COM
06/26/1987 IDE.COM
07/09/1987 TRW.COM
07/13/1987 UNIPRESS.COM
07/27/1987 DUPONT.COM
07/27/1987 LOCKHEED.COM
07/28/1987 ROSETTA.COM
08/18/1987 TOAD.COM
08/31/1987 QUICK.COM
09/03/1987 ALLIED.COM
09/03/1987 DSC.COM
09/03/1987 SCO.COM
09/22/1987 GENE.COM
09/22/1987 KCCS.COM
09/22/1987 SPECTRA.COM
09/22/1987 WLK.COM
09/30/1987 MENTAT.COM
10/14/1987 WYSE.COM
11/02/1987 CFG.COM
11/09/1987 MARBLE.COM
11/16/1987 CAYMAN.COM
11/16/1987 ENTITY.COM
11/24/1987 KSR.COM
11/30/1987 NYNEXST.COM
I bet all of these are worth a million dollars or more.
Wow, thats a nice list. Even if the domains were not being used for anything Google would still love them because of accumulated links and domain age. What I would really love to do is hack into one of them and just have my website up for a few hours. I bet the traffic would be phenomanal (I don't think thats the right spelling, somehow Very Happy ).
brokenadvice wrote:
I bet all of these are worth a million dollars or more.

why should they ? maybe names like IBM, philips and adobe but the rest is far away.
Words like "think" and "sun" are really good domain names, (easy to remember etc) therefore the supposed great worth in money, I guess.
For the rest it's just about trademarks, which is a different discussion all together.
It doesn't look like anyone was having any fun on the internet in those days. Strictly business. Yahoo didn't show up until 1995, Google in 1998 and Myspace is only 5 years old.
Wow, almost all business names (most short too!). Nice list! Smile Thanks for sharing!
Strange that there's no Microsoft domain. Cool list Smile
And isn't there such list for other domains?
Wow, it goes back to 85... those are old hehe, older than me.
Wow, actually looks like it hasn't been changed in 15 years!
Great that you made a nice collection...!!!
dude_xyx was registered in late 80's I think. Its not in that list. Funny how no one remembered to take the worlds most valuable domain name till that.
Praise for the copy-paste post. Aren't we all just wonderful Sad
With regard to the absence of Microsoft related domains, as was painfully clear at the time, Microsoft seriously underestimated the importance of the internet and web related technology. Laughably inaccurate as ever, Microsoft's view was that it was of relatively little importance. This is partly why they have always appeared to be playing second fiddle to everyone else's technology and ideas ever since.

Their desperate attempt to kill Netscape early on was out of sheer desperation to regain the top spot. To be honest, it's probably a good thing that Microsoft did screw this up for themselves so long agao - they might easily have become a very dominant force in the web - and really, who wantes that?

The appalling Internet Explorer is bad enough, but imagine if Microsoft had played a major part in designing the initial explorations into web technology. We may have been facing the Blue Screen of the Internet every so often, with important files being transmitted to incorrect recipienets, servers randomly deleting files for no aparrent reason, and every third Wednesday the whole Internet would grind to a halt, and we'd have to organise a global reboot to get it started again.

Might have been wonderful for global feelings of united hatred, but we'd hardly be able to be here chatting like this.
truespeed Then(1998) - Now(2008).

The site has hardly changed in 10 years,also you would think the guy with the oldest registered domain name would make more of a big deal of it,he must get loads of traffic for that reason and that reason alone.

Continuing the theme HERES an emulator which shows you have the early browsers looked.
great list.

u could find it at wikipedia too
Nice, i wish i was alive i would have registered loads of domains and sold them all later on lol!
wow so great domains,I have learned.if I own one of them,I will be a rich man.
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