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Should I get a lawyer?

I hope the topic was descriptive enough...
Here goes.. I am supposed to be getting a settlement from being in a wreck about 7 months ago..Well they asked for me to send them my medical records, I had to sign a release form so they could legally look at them.
It has been over two weeks, the amount of time it was supposed to take. It's been three.. I have called them and get answering machines every time. Never get a call back.
If i do get a lawyer they will take around 35-40% of the settlement... which is something I am really trying to avoid..
What should I do?
I can't really offer much help. My insurance company takes care of matters like that on my behalf so I have no idea. Good luck.
Don't get a lawyer. They'll suck your cash out of you.
Just.. be patient.. patience is a virtue..
I was also involved in a car wreck back in March of this year and I am just now finishing up my medical treatments and rehab. I would suggest getting a lawyer especially if it was not your fault. True they will take 33% of the settlement but you will still get more then if you let the insurance company make you an offer.
You are entitled to the full amount of the other driver’s personal injury rider whether it is fifty thousand or ten thousand you are entitled to every penny. The insurance company will just make you an offer and hope you take it and it won't be close to what you are entitled too. Not to also mention the fact that legal pressure will prevent the insurance company from dragging its feet on your claim. Before you make a hasty decision, take into account that you may feel fine now but who is to say that years down the road that the injuries you received because of the accident won't cause unforeseen or unpredicted medical or mental issues. All Lawyers aren't leeches and crooks. Find a good one and let him get what you deserve, because the more that you get the more he will make once the dust settles. Remember that after taxes you will be getting about 35 to 40% of the final settlement. Maybe it's just me but 35% of a lot is better than 100% of a little any day
I totally agree with Futile on this one. It may not seem like it's worth it but really getting a lawyer can get you much more money, and much quicker.
I've been through one of these too. It is a standard game that they play. I went personally to the insurance company and saw the agent who was in charge of my claim. They made me a minimum offer of course which I refused to take. During that period I was also playing with the idea to get a lawyer. I was lucky as I got good advice from an honest lawyer. It is not worth it. Play the games out. Eventually they came back with a second much higher offer, and I accepted it then.

Think you have to have a hands-on approach with them. But show them that you are not being kidded by them. You know that this is their game. And get a name, deal with a person and keep on pressing.
A good number of lawyers charge no money for a consultation where they'll outline what will probably happen if you hire them. The simplest thing to do is just to look in the yellow pages and find one who specializes in your issue.
hmm hope you can get a good lawyer that is worth paying for
My Joint Family has many lawyers, Maybe I could offer you a good discount, hehe, just joking.

Neways I myself has no knowledge so just wishing you good luck!!
Get a lawyer!
Its best to lose 40% of the total then to wait and not have legal advice with 0%

That's my best advice for you, to wait could mean years. And IF you finally get tired of them and go they'll say they can't find the files/records...etc.

Love, get a lawyer.
Yes, I think a lawyer is needed in most of the cases. If possible, you can travel up to the offices concerned and ask what is the status.. If you are getting good answers, its better to wait for some more time but always make sure there are expiry dates for legal procedures and never cross them in any case or you will be the loser...

If you are in need of money in the near future, I will advice you to go for a good lawyer... Else, if you can wait, do that but never for get to check the formalities, legal dates and all the stuff.

Most of the time, lawyers are the only way out.
I agree with most people in this post that actually said you should get a lawyer. It may seem a little bit odd at first, but the end up result you may get will be awesome.

I somehow have bad experiences with layers. Well, not with layers but with legal activities; anyhow I understand they are a big bad thing in need, most likely not to avoid. Also take in consideration that not all lawyers are alike. Your results may vary becouse of the quality his work has (recommendation cheking is a must, better to chat with some old clients of him first if you have the chance to).

If the settlement is over 25000 I would seek a consultation but if it is below that I would just wait it out. Insurance is a pain in the ass. I have to do alot of calling and repeat calling to check the status. Since you seem to get answering machines all the time what insurance company is it that is dealing with the settlement? If it is a large one you should not have to worry but if it's an insurance company that you have never heard of than... seek a lawyer fast.
Here is the deal...
It is only 50,000... I have around 30,000 in bills that need paid from the settlement.. I have no medical insurance.
I have called them three times, I keep getting the answering service... never get a call from them back.
I was in the passenger side of my best friends truck... I just want my money..
I need it to pay for the medicine I get.. oxycontin isn't cheap.
Meanwhile... the injuries I sustained are still keeping me from working.
I was at a lawyers office she told me I should try one more month without a lawyer... then go to them.
They are called the Reese Law Firm... really big lawyer around here.
Wish me the best of luck here.. I'll need it.. I really wish they would stop dragging their feet on this. I need the settlement <u> now </u>
I owe the hospital around thirty grand, then they want to do surgery on it as well.... so that will take even more.
Not having insurance adds up and it adds up quick.
Thanks for the advice... my appointment is on the twelfth of this month.. I will have to pay a TON of money for my medication.. I don't know where I'm going to get the money from to do so.
It's starting to get really stressful.
I blacked out last night about five times from an anxiety attack thinking about it all.

Thanks for taking the time to read. Thanks for the advice.
thanks thanks thanks.

EDIT: the company is called safeco I have heard of them before... they aren't huge. but they also aren't too small.
I think they should pay all the bills... then give me 50,000 for all the trouble and pain.. but that's just me.

why do they give me so much trouble with it? why can't they just simply give me the money?
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