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CD/USB installation of Grub to MBR

I do wish to find a suitable means to configure and install grub on the 1st track of my Notebook HDD (The MBR and sectors after it - for Bootloader).

I must always install a Linux OS to have this done.

How can I install GRUB on MBR without having to have a LINUX OS.

I normally do install the Linux after I have gotten used to the NB.

Can anyone suggest a CD, Floppy of USB flash drive, or USB HDD approach?

I read about GRUB4DOS, but needs a DOS partition and I don't wish this to be on my NB HDD.

Will it work with DOS on my USB HDD?

Help much appreciated, as I am trying to get rid of my MRBOOTER (which is not a freeware).

With regards.
Sure. You can install GRUB with pretty much any modern LiveCD Linux disk. If you don't have one, go grab a copy of Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 from the Ubuntu site.
    Boot the live CD.
    Select 'Applications' from the upper task bar
    go 'Accessories'->'Terminal' which will open up a Bash Terminal
    type "sudo grub-install hd0" (assuming hda is where your MBR is to be) and hit ENTER

WARNING: This will overwrite your MBR and will install a fresh copy of GRUB. Without any bootable kernels (Linux or Windows) you will pretty much have nothing but a GRUB prompt on reboot. You need to have a root partition that houses your kernel files. To go much deeper than this on GRUB will require me to (re)write the book on GRUB, so you may want to check it out - GRUB INSTALL MANUAL

You can also check out the Super Grub Boot Disk, which I have used to repair my GRUB before. They have bootable CDs, USB and Floppy Images.
How about using some boot manager rather? like GAG - , which is open source too.
Thank you eznet for that attempt to elaborate on the re-installation of grub loader from the LiveCD and the very interesting recovery site.

Truly appreciated that.

I am interested to install GRUB boot loader first for non Linux OS and have the option to add Linux later.

I also need to have the power to config the hide and unhide options on the hd0,partitions.
This is to ensure that my various non Linux OS will not see each other and mess up the drive letter C for the System drive.

So I will consider LiveCD only when I have also install a Linux OS, but then I can use the Recovery function of the Linux distro CD to re-build the GRUB loader and MBR track.

So seem that mehulved's GAG 4.9 version is ideal for my problem.

Only think that I am not sure is that it states in the website - it will hide all primary partitions.

Can't it be controlled more gracefully by the user? Will find out. I do have a primary partition which I reserve for Vista and would like to shared it between my two other win OS.

Thanks for all and will find time to feedback on my experiment with GAG 4.9.

With best regards to all.
Firstly, thank you mehulved for the intro to GAG 4.9

I have downloaded it and installed on to a floppy.

I read the documentation, and was assured that HDD make after 1992 uses
64 sectors per track.

So GAG using 40 over sectors of track 0, will not hurt the first OS.

I install on floppy WinXP ( second partition) and run OK
Install to boot SUSE on sda7 of logical drive and run OK.
I get silly trusted the 64 sectors per track and load GAG with my config on to the HDD.

Then came the shock - My partition 1 OS (Win2003) cannot boot - no boot sector.

That is when I search using my Partition commander that 2.5 inch HDD uses 16 sectors per track.

Oh my some sectors of my Win2003 was shaved off - cannot start.

Fortunately, I have Ghost backup. I run Partition Commander delete partition 1.
Create a new partition 1 with a 39 MB free space infront - so that the GAG can overrun the 1st track into the free space. Then clone back my Win2003 on the slightly smaller partition 1.

All when well after that. I was able to start all 3 OS and GAG installed on my MBR track + 39MB free space. 39 MB maybe too much, but it is ok on my 250GB disk.

So 2.5" HDD do not have 64 sectors per track - do take note - only for 3.5" HDD.

Thanks for GAG and a worthwhile experiment. With best regards.
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