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Hey Frihosters,

I'm loving the web hosting services provided here. Really top notch. My recently posted website is and uses the Joomla content management system. Its still very much in a beta stage, but i'm wondering what people think it needs added?

I guess I'm not sure what its about. It will be good when you get some more content in there and the website starts coming together.

The design looks pretty good so far, though. Just keep gathering that all-important content.
Thanks for the feedback, yeah its quite vague especially for those not into internet culture. Website name stands for pwned (hurt/defeated) in Real Life. I think I will need a good catch phrase.

Yeah content is King, planning to do it fairly steadily. Will just be a blog, photos and videos of pwnage pretty much. Not too sure where to advertise is really.
I appreciate the design...The design is awesome...!!! Good work...Keep it up...!!!
lmfao! Love the name of the site. I expected more of a jackass style theme when I first clicked, the theme you use caught me by surprise (too many happy colors for a "haha you got pwned" web site). The layout is good, you made a wise choice when you picked Joomla, gotta love that AJAX browsing. The content of your site is top notch for a twisted fellow like myself, keep adding stuff and I might come back soon.
I liked the grafitti-logo at the top. Did you draw it yourself?

I would make sure that the green headingboxes "Menu" and "Archive" started at the same place from the top. It would make the site look more clean.

I would reduce the line space between "Written by" and "Sunday, 29 June 2008 07:20"

Bulleted lists should not be centered. You should make the list at "What's new" left justified.

A nice layout with nice colors :)
Thanks guys for the good feedback. For sure cavey I will definetly do a few of those things. I didn't draw the image its a Joomla Template. Works being hectic so not much time to update it, but will post back here when I make the some changes.

EDIT: I've made those changes and a few others to tidy it up, although i couldn't work out how to make the white space less between the date and written by anyone know how?
Hey can anyone else help me out with some more suggestions?? obviously still working on the content might look at paid hosting soon.

Site basically gets traffic spikes from stumbles will look at adding easy links for stumbling it.

Haha, I enjoyed the iPhone bit. I like the style of the website, very nice. Good job.
Thanks for the feedback, yeah I wish I had more time to work on the content. I have added a social bookmarking module to the side bar.
Just posted an articles Top 10 celebrity divorces.

What do you guys think?
Looks great, but I don't know if the layout goes with the purpose of your website so far.

As for your banner, you should definitely make it an image that goes well with the layout, not some text.
site really looks great, and i absolutely love the header, content plz
milk wrote:

As for your banner, you should definitely make it an image that goes well with the layout, not some text.

Thats done. What do you think? Did it in photo shop. Was a quick job will experiment a bit more with it.

Yeah content is hard no time to write it! Am going to try for 1 article a day...later Razz.
You could replace all those little buttons with a single one from AddThis Social Bookmarking Sharing button. Wink
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