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Wanted: Good or Bad?

The reviews have all said it was TERRIBLE but I saw it yesterday and I thought it was good. It was a tad gory but I think what it lacked in kittens and ponies, it made up for in plot and meaningful characters.

Opinions, anyone?
i saw this film yesterday and thought it was very good - cheered me up for the day Smile hehe
it was rather gory in places but it was mainly in short bursts and kind of expected from the film. however i think the bit with the rats was kinda cruel Sad but thats just probably me. lol
however all in all it was a good film in my opinion, greatly helped by James McAvoy i think Drool

i will watch it soon and i will love it - just because of Angelina Jolie Shocked
well, the movie features unlimited action.If your purpose to go to this movie is having fun you will be satisfied.But It has some logical problems and scenerio mistakes I think.So at least it values to watch Smile
Good movie...
I've only seen the trailer so far, but I think some stunts are quite ridiculous (these curved bullets e.g.)
Reviews said it's terrible? The people I knew who watched it said it's good. I'll be watching it this week.
Sejanus wrote:
I've only seen the trailer so far, but I think some stunts are quite ridiculous (these curved bullets e.g.)


first of all, great name. Second of all, this is a superhero movie. They are using superpowers to curve bullets, shoot the wings off of flies, etc. I haven't seen the movie, but I am curious. In everyone's opinion, is this movie worth seeing on the big screen or just on DVD when it comes out? Also, how many disturbing/gory scenes are there? If I see it in the theater, my wife would prefer to know how much gore to expect(I would too, to be honest).
I went and saw this movie in theaters by the suggestion of my brother and my good friend, who both really enjoyed it. I don't know why for sure, but I really didn't like it.

I think my big gripe with the movie was having all the themes of fate, and then such a general disregard for human lives that didn't show up on the loom. Like the scene on the train. They tried to take the guy out there, but ended up knocking most of the train off the mountain. What about all those people? =P

At one point Jolie says "Kill one to save a thousand" but in that one scene they killed hundreds to attempt killing one.

I remember assassin's being a little more subtle Smile
It was not a BAD movie, but then again, was not that GOOD either.

it was entertaining if nothing else. not something I'm gonna go out and buy to watch over and over again.
I look forward to seeing it, even if it is only a mindless action film. Sometimes a delightful escapist action film with lots of gunshots and explosions is exactly what you need.
okay, I have seen the movie - it's pretty cool, a mix of Hitman with Matrix Very Happy some funny scenes, a lot of fighting,killing and blood... pure action

PS: and you can see angelinas cute butt lol
Watch it and you be the judge. I personally haven't watched it yet, but am planning to.
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