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New Motherboards and old Hard drives

I am in the process of upgrading a computer for someone (as cheaply as possible) who currently has three old (non-SATA) Hard drives.It appears that most modern motherboards only seem to have one socket in which to plug older (ATA?) drives, and since there is a limit of two drives per socket, and of those one must be used for a CD or DVD drive, it appears impossible to plug in more than one Hard Drive.
Are there any inexpensive Socket 775 Motherboards available that still have two ATA sockets, or there another obvious solution that I am overlooking?

Thanks for any help.
You could get a ATA controller card, if any are still available. It'll be a PCI card you plug in that has extra ATA ports on it, and likely some other ones too, as they often come in combos. It would be difficult to get it to boot off of any of the drives pugged into the card though, so install your OS on the one you plug into the motherboard. Most cards you find these days are RAID cards though. They used to be popular back in the day, but not so much anymore.

Another option: a motherboard with RAID might have extra ports, if you want to set up a RAID scheme.

Another option: have you considered using external USB enclosures for the old drives?

Yet another option: Plug them into an obsolete networked computer set up to be a file server. You'd have your own homemade network attached storage!
There are also Ata to Sata converters i thought, and also some motherboards with 2 ide ports, but it would be best to just buy an ATA controller card
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