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1 feeling...Just 1

If you would have only one feeling to feel for the rest of your life, which would it be?and Why? Now of course Ill get a bunch of Ehem shallow answers, but I want you to think about it, and please I doubt that if you thought about it the feeling will come in one word, try maybe "That feeling you get when...."
Pleasure. Who wouldn't want to feel an orgasm that last for the rest of their lives? Sure it's a shallow & lame answer but I doubt it could be beat.
lol it can. According to me at least. I knew that would be the first answer, Im hoping people will think a lil more on the next answers .
The feeling I get when I look at my nephews.
And the feeling I get when I'm relaxing outside on a lovely day, with the sun setting.
And the feeling I get when I just look at the stars.

I can't narrow it down unfortunately.

Of course, orgasms are nice too.

But I wouldn't be able to live without the first three.
An orgasm is just too shallow a feeling to last me my whole life probably not even a week. I suppose 3 or 4 feelings is OK too Im going to post here after the summer, Ill probably have a bunch of feelings from the two month period alone
Empathy. I think without it would be very hard for me to care so much for the world and people around me and try to help them as much as I want to. I just think it's an important thing to have.
Nobody can ever live with just 1 feeling. I'd rather die, after a few weeks of pleasure. Or maybe months of pleasure.
If you had just one feeling for the rest of your life, how would you know what you really felt. For example, if you chose happiness, how would you know the dfference between happiness and sadness.

Having multiple feelings is what makes us human, and alllows us to make our own choices.
Happy. Enjoying everything in it's full state would be nice, but James an orgasm all the time would be quite messy. You would have to own stock in a hand towel company
Excitement. I would never want to live without excitement. I used to get excited on holidays and when summer was approaching. I used to get excited when wrestling was on. I get excited before I get to see a girl I like. I wouldn't want to live without excitement.
Satisfaction, I'd say. If I only had one feeling until the end of my days, I'd rather feel that I have done everything I could in this life, and that I'm completely satisfied with everything.
I guess that would make the rest of my life a lot easier Smile
It may be corny but for me it would be true, and that is love. Who doesn't want to feel loved their whole life. I mean that warm cuddly feeling that true love brings. Its the best of all feelings in my opinion.
Absolute freedom. Not in the more intellectual sense, in the emotional sense. The kind of feeling a horse would have running over the grass, a dolphin would have swimming, or a bird would have flying.

That is a very enjoyable feeling, and I don't think it would get old or dull like some others might.
(Though can a feeling get dulled if thats the only thing you can feel? It can't possibly be replaced by boredom.)
ccube921 wrote:
If you would have only one feeling to feel for the rest of your life, which would it be?and Why? Now of course Ill get a bunch of Ehem shallow answers, but I want you to think about it, and please I doubt that if you thought about it the feeling will come in one word, try maybe "That feeling you get when...."

A feeling of complete release from reality. A super relaxed state of the mind, one step up from the Beta awake state, and one step removed from Thetha when you fall asleep. Think they call it Alpha state where you are conscious but your brain is unhindered by restless thinking. For me that is the door to freedom. It is the place where human beings can create. A state of being at one with who we are.
Maybe just a calm state, almost to the point of being detached.
euphoria lol... everyday I would feel great... everything would be great. lol
raine dragon
Peace. A nice, calm Peace. ^^;
Happiness would be good. If it includes all feelings such as excitement, the intensity of an orgasm, peace, calmness and all that. Hey, happiness means all of these things, right? Razz
I just found out that this philosophical question is just stupid. This question is just theoretical and has totally no value.
I think for me it's the same feeling as it was for some of the previous posters. Maybe I'd call it awe or wonder. Like when I admire a great view of the mountains or the ocean, or when I saw my little brother who'd just been born. Or when I read a book that's so good I can't put it down. Imagine if you could live your whole life that way - always being amazed by what you experience. That'd be wonderful.
I'd want the feeling I'm not currently feeling when thinking about this question: assurance.
I would want to feel like I actually meant something to somebody.
I don't want to have one feeling at a time.. i want a variety... It's like eating the same meal repeatedly, it'd get boring and annoying.
Its a question I am interested in hearing the answers for. There are feelings that arent one second, they arent like eati ng a meal, its like being permanenly thirsty, with a bottle of cold lemonade that dont run out, thing is in life the lemonade runs out a nd the bad feeling doesnt, which is why your allowed to have a neverlasting bottle oof lemonade cause youll be drinking the rest of your life.
Agree with the above, I wouldn't want to feel any one thing forever. You'd get sick of it. Think about it. A high is nice for a while, but eventually it would plateau, become the norm, and not be a high anymore. At least that's my take on it.

It's the downs that make the ups really pleasurable.
that's hard. no one can live with just one feeling.

uh.. perhaps, happiness? it sums up all positive feelings. xD
Contentment. I think that would be the best feeling to have long term.
I don't think one can live with just one feeling. When I looked at this thread, the first thing that came to my mind was happiness, as it's a general feeling that can be acquired in many ways. But, if you're nothing but happy, then you have nothing to look forward to. When one feels down, and then, suddenly for a given reason, they are filled with joy. That's a genuine feeling of happiness. If you're always happy, you won't see what much of life is composed of. And what I said about nothing to look forward to, if you're always happy, that will, in your perspective, be a normal feeling. You will not be able to enjoy the fact that sadness is not within you.

And another thing. (Just a metaphor I thought of on the spot). For example, say that your favorite thing to do is drive. Drive fast and enjoy tricky maneuvering, the car revving up, and nothing but your ride and the road. Fun and thrilling, no? But what if you went on doing this...forever. If you don't run out of fuel or road, then the thrill becomes meaningless. Could you keep living if that's all you did? Probably not. You need variety, and more things to do.

One thing that makes us human beings is numerous feelings...without them, doubt we could live.

But theoretically...if we could live with a single feeling and not have to worry about it causing any problems, I would easily say happiness, but more specifically assurance. It's a feeling I want, just not all the time.
Happiness =)
James hicks I too might have agreed to your answer in the beginning but after much storming my mind I think the feeling of accomplishment is the best and that I want most, although there was a tie with feeling of happiness but happiness just stays where we are but accomplishment give a crusing force to give us confidence and also happiness so I chose this feeling to stay with me all my life although in reality every feeling is necessary.

I feel like saying in hindi: "kuch khona pane ki khushi ko doguna kar deta hai" meaning any loss or unhappiness doubles the plesure in getting something or being happy.
I'd take happiness....I could live without fear, anger, hate, resentment...etc
hmm dilemma...

i think i shall stick to peaceful feeling... i hate busy days, traffic jams, crowded populated areas..
Pleasure Smile
Happiness. Pleasure, peaceful, excitement etc. all fall under being 'happy' anyhow, so depending on what exactly caused this unusual condition you might be able to get away with almost any positive emotion.
I would feel vague amusement at everything. I mean, happiness is just a little too general, and of course I wouldn't go with sad or anything like that. I was thinking bemusement, but that's still a tad concrete for my tastes. So vague amusement.

Hey, shiny object!

What is life without excitement? Sure the feeling of an orgasim would be GREAT, but wouldn't you get tired of it eventually?
The feeling I get when I look at my girl friend's eyes. It feels so great every time I look in her eyes. I feel relaxed because when she looks back at me, her eyes seems to be full of wonders. So if I only had one feeling to feel for the rest of my life, then that's the feeling I wanted to feel.

happiness i want to feel it everyday of my life Very Happy
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