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what keeps the fire burnin in a relationship?

..... i believe for any relationship to work, there should be "friendship and trust"
The fire keeps burning while both sides wants it to be in the way like this. There must be respect and a lot of wish to do/change something. From my own experience, i know that with only a big wish you can make a lot of things possible.
sometimes u need more than trust to keep the fire burning....

I had this misconception too that trust and friendship and love was all it needed...

But later realised that u should not let the relation get boring, there should be always something new and interesting. And never take ur partner for granted.

But it was too late when i realised it

While friendship, trust and love are the basis for a relationship, I believe that both parties need not shut down that communication channel so that you can iron out any differences.
I think renewal. There is always a beginning and ending to everything we say, do or have. Why should relationships be any different. I think the ones that last, the things we keep for a long time are those that we treasure because it is always something new we find in them. The fire keeps burning because we keep adding something else to it.

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Two people who are completely comfortable in one another's company to the point where they do not have to say much to be perfectly understood by the other. Also two people with their own interests that can contribute to their relationship. Love, trust, sense of closeness, a bond.
you need to do different things, go on adventures, do stuff so you dont get into a continuous cycle of whatever is normal for you as a couple to do. Don't stay in all the time!! Go out, go on dates even if its just trying a new restraunt its important! Oh, and trust, friendship, love. You know its the right person when you can be together and not say anything at all, and nothing is needed. Very Happy thats just my experience! I've definatly found the man of my dreams <3
Little signs of love Smile Don't let too much routine get between you. Bluedoll is right Wink
Tell her/him straight what you think.
To keep the fire burning, and have a safe relationship is two different things. Both is nice to have in a relationship. Trust won't keep the fire burning. But flirting, great sex (hope I do not offend anybody) and nice surprises will keep the fire burning with passion.
i prefer new things.. such a baby or so Razz

Traveling or doing anything else than staying at home day after day..

works for us. My son is 3 and half months old and he have been in plane 6 times already.
Honesty all the way, and being open. If you even have the slightest irritation with something you should let it be known, so you can talk it out and resolve it. never let an argument last. be passionate, be truthfull, be kind and caring, be romantic, make it known yo love them and never let me forget, do new stuff togethor, and never fall into a routine.
Common projects for the future. It's necessary to see yourself with someone in the future, building great things, to be strong enough to avoid routine killing the relationship.
The best thing to do is to never get married. Women expect men to change and men expect women to stay the same once married. I wish marriage upon my worse enemies. That's how cruel I am.

Some situations can't be avoided until a period of time has past. For instance. My wife and I had our second son on February 4th this year. We had sex for the first time last Thursday since his birth. I consider it pity sex since I had to complain for four months. I gave her the two month healing process as a default. But she got her tubes tied so it rendered her worthless. I can't believe I didn't cheat all that time. The farking tantrics started taking me over by itself and I would fall to the floor in spasms. Doesn't help that I'm a hypersexual either. Got quite painful some days.

And ladies, there's no such thing as Blue Balls. Just an excuse to get laid. The real pain is the withdraw of not feeding a sexual addiction such as with any hypersexual, regardless of it's male or female. There is a major difference. Sorry for getting off topic. Just ranting I guess.
Personally, my relationship is stable and well, but to keep it alive and fervent, I cook her dinner every week--I really know my stuff in the kitchen lol. There's nothing more that impresses a woman than a man who knows how to cook. Here's what I made the other night:

Cajun chicken pasta w/ a cream sauce
grilled garlic basil shrimp
double chocolate chunk cookies

Hell if you brought your girl over, I'd probably steal her away with that dinner. That is my suggestion to you, 'cuz a woman really likes a man who can take care of her lol.
Personally, I believe that being involved in each other's lives is what keeps the fire burning in a relationship. By that I mean to spend quality time and do stuff together.

Trust is a must because once he/she finds out you're not truthful, they will start to have suspicions. However, just like everything there's a bottom line to draw. Too much trust is risky and can lead to possible heartbreaks. Don't give in to too much trust too soon. You'll never know what will happen, even though you tell yourself that this is the person.

Yes, I also strongly agree with tapina. Communication is a key factor in maintaining a strong relationship. It's always nice to have someone to talk to - to share your interests, your pain, your thoughts. Without this, expect the burning fire to turn to an ice block pretty soon.

It's just from my point of view and from my past experience.
relationships need heat. if it isn't steamy enough it ain't gonna work.m i'm not talking dirty but relationships need mind games as a supplement. keeps things more exciting! clever comments and snide remarks and a touch of jealousy works just fine! i should know.
Nice advices you've got here. what keeps a relationship going strong is trust, respect, having common plans, never to fall in a routine, being yourself, open, making compromises sometimes too, be there for each other in good and bad times. there's a lot of tiny little things of everyday life that's important to do for your couple to work. it's indeed the little things that make the big picture.
I am married for a year now. trials and challenges are part on our everydays life. Sometimes we have misunderstanding when it comes to our likes and dislikes. In order for us to have a steady,meaningful, and a perfect couple, we swallow/lower down our pride, patience must be there, solve our problems and forget what happened yesterday.
love you partner,build trust and respect each other.
I say its yourself...... If you work on urself you'l be more tolerant towards ur partner and appreciate them more.

If your unhappy..... you will lose it to the most trivial of reasons.....
Bluedoll wrote:
I think renewal. There is always a beginning and ending to everything we say, do or have. Why should relationships be any different. I think the ones that last, the things we keep for a long time are those that we treasure because it is always something new we find in them. The fire keeps burning because we keep adding something else to it.

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yeah, i believe renewal, because even if you are in 'love', times can get boring and this really makes the relationship die.
Laughter and good times are very important. If she's never smiling, chances are she's not happy.

Do whatever you can to make your partner happy. Life is simply a continuous quest for self-improvement. If you know you have found your partner for life, talk to them and figure out what you can improve to make her happier.

Go on vacation! Do things together! Even if you've been together decades, you're never too old to dress up and go out on a date, just like when you were a kid.

Most importantly, be impulsive. Look into her eyes randomly, and tell her you love her. Pull her to the side and whisper in her ear how sexy she is. Bring her tons of flowers, for no reason other than "Happy <insert day of week>!" Make her breakfast in bed. Surprise her with a full-body massage, fancy massage oils included. Take dancing lessons with her (girls LOVE to learn to dance).

The list could go on forever! The point is, keep her always on her toes. She should always get what she expects, and be constantly surprised with something new.

And the best part is, if she loves you back, she will return the favor(s).
communication keeps things going for us.... Smile
There's too much to say on this. But I would say that every relation has its own details. But, again, every relation needs some effort from both sides to succeed and make it go on. Both parties need to work on the relation to continue and last between these two parties.

So, whatever keeps you off or on, in a relationship, you can guess that there's something on the other hand that keeps the other party on and make him/her do the best to keep it going and keep it hot and burning up.

To me, the most important thing to do, is to keep your relation away and safe from routine and bordom. This, again, depends on your relation and its details and whatever you and your partner have in common.

Good luck for everyone...
Simple answer: Look everywhere (and at any girl) but "eat at home" Wink
What keeps the fire burning is the constant addition of wood. My girlfriend is like the wood, and I am the fuel. One day there was a spark and we have been burning ever since. We've experienced so many thingst ogether that I just can't see myself with anyone else. I am 17 years old and she is 16.
Suspense, spontaneousness, caring and love, good food and the ability to not listen negative.
That's a good question. Having fun together is huge. Too many couples don't actually have fun... by fun, I mean... playing a sport together or just screwing around (not sexually). Couples often focus on drinking/sex. After that... there isn't much there.
You need more than trust and friendship, you need to believe in each other, show that you both care, no matter what people say about your relationship ignore them and keep fighting for what you believe. The main thing in a relationship is the will power to take care of your partner no matter what kind of hardship happens. Cool
both parties trust each other and they should hold onto each other never gives up when trials will come...
Hmm...I would suggest petrol, but that can be dangerous to passers-by.
A solution of white spirit or meths could work - you would need to thoroughly dowse both partners in the spirit and have some sort of reservoir system to feed more spirit onto the corpses to keep the fire burning. Eventually, of course, you would run out of flammable material (flesh, muscle etc) at which point the fire would certainly go out...
Infidelity has been known to heat things up...
You not only need friendship and trust (a lot of both), but also compatibility, like being able to talk about anything, and never really having nothing to talk about. I stay up late with my girlfriend, we get on topics then we share childhood memories, it's cute Smile,
Well, you need to love each other in the first place and then you need to respect each other. And finally, you need to be patient and be able to support the other person when needed, no matter what. But for me there are certain deal breakers. If the other person is unfaithful, that is a deal breaker. I won't be able to trust that person any more and I will loose respect instantly.
qedesigns wrote:
..... i believe for any relationship to work, there should be "friendship and trust"

Yeah, you need friendship and trust to make it work. But to keep it going you also need patience, kindness, reason and you must be able to maintain who you are as an individual.
in every relationship its love that builds it up. the word love has so much meaning to it. when u start as friends, and u trust each other and love each other, then there is the high rate of the relationship lasting. i believe its these things that keeps the fire burning a relationship. keep the relationship lively with new and adventerous things. its just like cooking. you cannot continue cooking the same old boring food. people get fed up of eating it. it becomes boring. you can spice it up differently today or change an ingredient or two. make it lively. u know life is good. travel, go out more, make the relationship work by working on it. nothing works unless you work it out.
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