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Addon-domain problem...

Ok, so I've placed a phpBB3 forum in the folder public_html/forum, and have made an addon domain to link to that folder... I had it working some days ago, but not any more though - any ideas?
Maybe a little more info.

Is it your forum or the domain with the problem? What is the domain? Do you get any errors or a blank screen or what?
Yea well first of all I'm very new to all this, and I was really excited with getting my forum up and running in the first place... It worked for some weeks, but yesterday I stumbled across some advice on how to get the search engines to recognize your site, and there it said that they would probably not if there was a redirection present from the 'rootsite' to whatever site you wanted people to see.. The thing was that I used one of those redirections, and because of the new advice, now wanted to change it...
The phpBB3 forum is the only thing I want on my site, and wanting to get rid of the redirection I had used - which guided the browser to a subdirectory in which the forum was placed - I put all the forum files on the root directory of the domain...

This didn't work at all, and at this point I've tried a variety of things - moving the forum-files around, making different addon-domains linking to subdomains in which I put these files etc...

Honestly I'm just really confused right now, and quite bummed out...

The hosted domain is: and I'm not even able to reach the root of this through a browser, and only one of the three cpanel-entranceways works...

Any advice? Would it fx. be possible to 'reset' the account, and have a fresh start?

Thank in advance:)
The domain loads fine for me. At the moment of posting, I can access the forum as well in the phpBB3 subdirectory. Just move all of the files to the public_html directory.
Hehe... Guess you're right.. Could've been something with the server I guess.... Hmm, but thanks anyway..
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