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Good job, poor job, good country, poor country

What do you preffer?
Good job in poor country
 100%  [ 1 ]
Poor job in rich country
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 1

Well, I am in a dilema: of course that nobody can answer for me BUT ME, but I want to ask you the same question:
What do you preffer? a good job in poor country or a poor job in rich country??
Washing dishes in UK, France, Spain, USA, Germany, Sweden OR computer technician in India, Egypt, Eastern Europe, Brasil, Mexic, Cuba??
Think my preference would be a good job in a poor country as you have to live with yourself and part of that means feeling good about what you are doing. Preference of course is to be able to find something good for yourself in a good country, but very few can. Also, if you immigrate, you usually always remain a second class citizen in your adopted country. Not only do you have to re-invent yourself (both exciting as well as super stressful), but you can never be a native of the country. You can only be the best of who you are from the country of your origin.

Usually when you are in a new country with the poor job, the cost of living is horrendous. So you have a double whammy. You cannot get a big picture view of how to get out of your dilemma as you are spinning your wheels all the time. And before you know it, your temporary poor job has become your job history and how you are measured when you are applying for new jobs. You just can't get out of this treadmill.

This is probably not ideal, but I know of some people here in the Middle East who would immigrate portions of their families to the more developed countries for better education and opportunities for their children, while the husband is working in the better job in the poor country. Quite a number of families here where I am in the Middle East, who are also Middle East expats, have educated themselves in developed countries, and are earning top dollars here while their children are educated in for example Canada or the United States. They usually have large families, so some of the family would be with them here, or in Canada, or even in more than one city in North America.
I would have to go with the good job in a poor country because if you go into that job in that poor country you really could make a difference. I am not saying that you could pull that country above ground and make it a rich country but you could start the pull. If you were to become a computer technician in India, Egypt or all the other countries you listed, what if you helped start a string of computers that were able to be given to everyone (or almost everyone) which made the country all that much better off.

Like you said its up to you, but I would go with the good job in a poor country.
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