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Termenator 3 (T3)

Termenator 3 Was an awsome movie!!! it was so coolll!!!!
I love it!
I WILL BE BACK, damn so funny Very Happy
i think its worthless ;/. the first one is ok, the second one is great, but the third is pure crap! why did they even do it? and i heard they are making t4 aswell -_-. when will they learn?
Actually, T4 might be a great movie. The war will have broken out and robots will roam the planet and the "flashbacks" that we have seen in the previous movies will no longer be flashbacks. Wink

I guess Arnold won't star in the movie, but.. I think they can pull it of - he didn't do much of an effort in T3 (imo) so I think it might turn out for the better if he's not in it.
pagaldivanna was nice movie.....i anJOyed
Hmm I think T3 was a nice continuation of the story. I'm interested in seeing what they can come up with if they did a T4...I hpoe the Awnold hype has died down a bit...Not evena cameo (sp) would be suitable. Awnold is played out in the Terminator franchise.

My favorite of the Termanitor franchise so far is T2: Judgement Day. Yeah...definitely Cool
Hey guys. I just read this: Nick Stahl, who played John Connor in Terminator 3, says that neither he nor co-star Claire Danes will appear in the proposed Terminator 4 movie. "I'm not going to be in T4," Stahl told Sci-Fi Wire. "None of the cast is coming back." Stahl says that the current producer plans may not even include original Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"The [T4] story is changing conceptually," Stahl added. "I believe it's a jump to the future, so my character will be quite a bit older. That's all that I know. So I'm not coming back, which is a drag. I don't know much more that that."
What do you think ybout that?? I think it sucks. They shouldn't do a new movie, it tears the others and good ones down as hell ;-(
I think if the wanted to make a T4 they should have done it sooner because I think that now most people see it as a movie long gone.

The actors don't sound like they want to come back and it would just be weird to have the first movie made so long ago (only star wars got that right)

Anyway I don't think there's much interest anymore.
T1 & T2 was good movie
T3 was funny:)
The first two were great movies but the third one was a let down.
I heard rumours of a T4 was out....surprised me because T3 seemed to have a good ending. or was I dreaming?
I cant imagine a Terminator movie without Arnold. It is will be like Rambo minus Stallone.

Bad move producers; you got to get back the Governor.
i think it was brill....
wasnt the ending i expected but still brill.
wish they could have made a 4 but all three were good.
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