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Farewell to Frihost (for now)

I haven't posted around here too much lately, been busy with a bunch of things and I've been letting my Frihost-posting fall behind.

Well finally, after some deliberation I've decided to move away from Frihost for a bit. This site/service has always been good to me and I'll continue to recommend it to anyone looking for a free web host. All that said, for various reasons I've decided to start a site elsewhere for now and sort of start fresh.

Again, thanks to Frihost for the quality web hosting over the past while and thanks to this community for providing some interesting discussion. I'll no doubt keep lingering and lurking. Smile

Agent ME
Out of curiosity, did you switch to a paid host or another free one?
Agent ME wrote:
Out of curiosity, did you switch to a paid host or another free one?

Looking at his whois information, it looks like he moved to a paid hosting company.
Good luck!
Had a cursory look at your site, looks nice. Wish you good luck wih paid hosting.
a bit sad to see a frihoster leave; but best wishes for you nonetheless!
People leave, but other people come. It's the circle of life Smile
Would you recommend dreamhost? it looks like its giving too much... but I'm no expert on hosting
Da Rossa
Good luck bro!
Hope you get back, in the future.
Good luck...
We'll see you when you come back
Ohh Man, you kinda scared me off.......At first look at the title of this thread and I thought frihost is gonna shut down and gave me a shudder down my spine that what will happen to all my websites, but seeing the truth I am again back to my senses.

Anyways for you I wish you goodluck, yaah frihost has been quite helpful to all of us!! , three cheers Smile

I love frihost and I'll try to not ever have to leave. Its not cause its free alone, but I like the vibe and the general flow here. I don't feel pressured and as though I "have" to be here "or else".

Goodluck with your move, I wish you all the best Smile
well, im also waiting for my departure from frihost though.. to a paid hosting.. but frihost has been great nowadays..
Da Rossa
molif wrote:
well, im also waiting for my departure from frihost though.. to a paid hosting.. but frihost has been great nowadays..

Don't abandon us! you're valuable. I remember your posts.
I also left a while back. Well... more like I didn't pay my bills (meaning didn't post). Razz Anyway I've been around here and there and I've found frihost the best *huggles frihost*.
I did the same, I left for awhile and am very negative in the FriH$ . I love that we get free hosting by talking in the forumns, but you think they might put a little too much weight on people? Making they could move the bank higher than 45?
hpe we will Enjoy It
good luck to you...
Ghost Rider103
Well good luck, hope you come back soon.

Not a bad website you have there either!
had a look at your site.. pretty good, but is it worth to be paid for hosting? I doubt.
Anyway all the best for your future... cheers! Cool
I've also considered moving to a paid hosting service, because it's been difficult to keep up with my frih$ recently! I'm glad to hear your website is profitable enough for paid hosting!
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Farewell and Thank You, FriHost
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