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Watch the preview of the film....its awesome! a super hero that doesn't want to be called a super hero? hehehehe....
when does it come out in UK? i want to watch it
I have mixed feelings about this movie, but being Will Smith is the star, i will go see it. He has yet to let me down with his movie choices. Looks quite interesting, hopefully the story line does not dissapoint!
Preview looks funny, always enjoyed will smith movies except the cinema ending to i am legend last year but overall looks like an enjoyable film
looks alright. Im not jumping up in joy to see it
Looks great, it has Will Smith of course its goin to be great
i don't know if this is a created just for movie superhero or if its a superhero that was created years ago but this is the first i've heard of this character. hard to tell what his "powers" are, and that is some of the draw for me to want to go see it, just to see if they give some kind of backstory or if they are just going to jump in it and show how he's kind of the badguy/superhero.

either way, it seems like a decent movie if done right, last few movies with will smith have been great and i havent been dissappointed yet. this may say something about his script selection making sure he doesnt put himself in a movie without a decent story
hancock Uk release date was June 18
I liked every Will Smith movie, he is a fascinating actor, whether in a action movie, drama, thriller - he is always authentic and always funny Very Happy

PS: there is an alternative ending of "I am Legend", but I havent seen it yet. I think he survives...
apparently Will Smith had to repay some of the money he got for starring in this movie... no idea why so it might have sucked <_<... I still wanna watch it though

It looks leet Very Happy
I really liked this movie a lot. But don't expect a comedy. the jokes in this movie are great, but it is more of a drama. Hancock is a really cool, powerful superhero, but his life sucks and he's a jerk. that is the point of the movie. I think this movie, like I Am Legend, is a good one that a lot of people will either be dissappointed in because they expect something different or just don't get the heart of this movie. And Will Smith does an awesome job of acting. He's an actor that we instinctively like and gravitate towards, and yet he plays a bad attitude character that people cuss out in the streets--now that takes some quality acting to pull off, and he does it really well.

I recommend it, but don't expect something as goofy as MiB. Expect a funnier, more action-packed I Am Legend, and you won't be disappointed. That said, this movie has great acting by Jason Bateman as Hancock's agent, and Charlize Theron as Bateman's wife. And the FX are really good.
Will Smith is working like MAD man. 4 or 5 films for two and a half years - that's a lot!
I just need to watch that movie Smile
very good film in my opinion i think it drags a bit after a while though ...
I'm gonna go see this movie, The movie looked great on tv... Especially when the kid called him a jerk and he grabbed him and tossed him way up in the air and he came haulin back down crying haha. Laughing That was great.
I LOVED it. Will Smith is and continues to be the MAN!

the show was well written, I loved the twists and surprises. I love movies and normally I could tell the ending after about 15 mins, but not this one. I was on the edge of my seat just waiting and wanting.

10/10 this movies was the BEST!
Hancock was the craziest movie that I ever seen in my life. It's really hard, after watch, I cant say if it is a GOOD movie or A EPIC FAIL. Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
in my opinion the movie was great, only the end wasnt so satisfying - i hope there will be a sequel
I agree with filesharing...the ending left me wanting. maybe it is the ground work for a part 2. Tho I cannot imagine how it'd be done.

I am biased....I looooooove Will Smith.
I think it was too short. I mean problems got solved after a minute of viewing and all. It wasn't that suspenseful.

Don't get me wrong, I like Will Smith movies and such but for some reason, this movie didn't click well for me.
I've heard a lot of mixed reviews on this movie, most of them being the first half is great and then it just goes south from there.

Ill be at the cinema wednesday, and it'll be either this or WallE.
I've also heard mixed reviews about this movie. Someone told me it wasnt as good and there was alot of cursing but I still have to go watch and see whats it about. Hopefully a more solid flick from will smith next year for the summer.
McDucque wrote:
the first half is great and then it just goes south from there.

Me and my friends missed the first 20 minutes.
Oh.. so that's why I'm more disappointed than pleased. Smile
Yes, This was a good movie. I recommend it.
A good movie.. not great but very entertaining. FX is good, Will Smith is superb and others compliment him well. Overall a feel good movie. The only weakness is that there is no worthy villain and enemies for Smith to fight.

Watch it and enjoy it....
According to me, one should go to Hancock, see the first half an hour and then get out of the theater.

The movie is really good in the beginning and awesome until the part when Hancock finds out that there's a lady just like him .... the story makes no sense whatsoever after that and is extremely absurd as well.

So, in my opinion, it's a film of substance for about half an hour. After that, it's filled with bull***.
hancock was k
got a little dull in the middle but it had a new super hero concept which i liked
It looks nice. I must see that movie Smile
In 5 days it sold for 107 million dollars in USA. That it crazy. Will Smith is the best payed actor in hollywood. He is so awesome Very Happy
I really thought the movie was "meh...". I hoped it would be a bit funnier. Instead is was a tad overly dramatic and "serious". I hoped for a silly drunk-bum-superhero-movie. But i didn't really get that. It had to go all serious... But Will Smith is allways great, no getting around that.
9/10 its a great movie.
As per normal with Hollywood, the best original concept in years and they manage to mess it up with poor script and story line. First 30 minutes is excellent but then recedes into typical American feel good film. Please script writers get some grit back in your stories like Batman - DarkNight!
Is this movie a complete action movie ?
I liked the first thirty minutes, but the second part of the movie was rather slow, it probably has something to do with me figuring out the "secret" very early in the movie due to the waaay too obvious eye contact stuff between Hancock and the wife.
Anyone seen Hancock? I've heard that is a very nice movie. Have my source right? Smile I'm going to see this movie and look after Razz
I'm going to see the movie this week =] Will Smith is a so good actor. =]
Will Smith is a brilliant actor. I would really like to watch this movie.. But I think I'll wait until it is avaible on dvd or hopefully blu-ray Smile So I can enjoy it on 50 inches of pleasure (pioneer) Very Happy Muhaha...
no its not that good... you can watch just for the super hero wil smith... camera work and very bad... i think its a flop...
Hancock. Just don't keep your hopes too high on this movie. It's not really that impressive. The story line for me, is not that good - a fine story line I should say. My sister also share that same thought as mine. Will Smith will always be Will Smith that is. But the story line of his movies will always vary one way or the other. If I rate this movie 1 - 10, I'll give it 6.
I liked the idea of the hero badass and the movie was quite fine atleast in the beginning. Then the story became odd, unnatural - it all felt a little bit forced. The movie itself isn't a great hit nevertheless, after watching it I felt that they could have elaborated few things and add some better main story, or atleast stick with the badass type of hero...
Hancock could have been a great hit, but unfortunately, for me, it was a disappointment Sad
I'd rate it somwhere between 5 and 6 (out of 10).
I haven't seen too many films featuring Will Smith, but I consider this to be his worst. The storyline is a bit odd (I would say a bit more about this, but I don't want to post spoilers).
Charlize Theron (didn't even recognize her until I read the casting at imdb) who had a really good role at Æon Flux, now we can see her in a disappointing.... (no spoilers Very Happy)
If you want to see a good movie don't count on Hancock

Will Smith movies ranking (my own ranking):

  1. MIB (1)
  2. I, robot
  3. MIB (2)
  4. Ha....Hannn... Hanc.... I am legend Very Happy
  5. Bad Boys
  6. Hancock
Will Smith is a good actor. I am Legend, I, Robot, Hancock and other - brilliant movies.
Have seen the movie

Man do i have sutch a bad tasted, i tought is a plesant movie.

Nice to spend a relaxing evening so go watch it . sure is't not a film to talk and think about it but nice.

Just one comment. the flying effect could be don better.

my points a 7+
Have seen the movie

Man do i have sutch a bad tasted, i tought is a plesant movie.

Nice to spend a relaxing evening so go watch it . sure is't not a film to talk and think about it but nice.

Just one comment. the flying effect could be don better.

my points a 7+

Have to agree with Sharpball, it's not a movie that worth enuff to be talked during dinner or when hanging out with your date.

I am a big fan of Charlize Theron (sexy lady), but it seems like she did not show much of her talent and skills in this movie. Perhaps it is due to the first half of the movie where she acted as a housewife...ordinary housewife. Nothing special about her until the 2nd part of the movie...

Anyway I was more attracted to watch the movie due to its viral promotion on youtube...i thought its going to be a little bit more surprising than cloverfield, but it falls somewhere below my expectation.

I say 5 out of 10.... Wink
I can't say a bad think about Hancock, cause I adore Will Smith!!

I actually did not think it was poorly written, I liked the twists in it.
I've heard that Hancock should be quite bad.. Even though I guess I'll have to see it for myself, but ah well, we'll see Smile.
Oh Man, I saw it. I really really regret it though. The story was sloppy, it was all over the place. The cinematography felt so out of place, it was just...gah, I can't explain how disappointed I felt after it. I'd probably give it about 4/10.

Why would Will Smith want to do this!?

Anyway, I'm done. Smile
On the funny meter, it's 9/10. But technically, it wasn't as good as I expected.
My friend hyped it up too much and well, I didn't get to appreciate it since my expectations went up because of his fuss.
It's not as good as I am Legend, but it's still pretty good. I wouldn't get my hopes up too much.
Hancock was very entertaining, Will Smith owns the summer movie scene (Mr. July 4th).... He can't miss during a summer blockbuster...
Is it complete action movie, with lots of good humour in it
I love Will Smith
His last 2 movies have been just fabulous
I just saw Hancock on HBO. I must say he is the first anti-hero hero I've seen. I like the idea that he is super strong because he is far away from his other half. That makes him a vulnerable super hero, much more vulnerable than Batman or Superman with krytonite.
Shame the writer didn't realise that the title would confuse UK people "of a certain age". An iconic British comedian from the 1960s was generally known by his surname alone - Hancock. Perhaps the writer should also read some of those old scripts and learn what real humour looks like.
bauanginternet wrote:
Watch the preview of the film....its awesome! a super hero that doesn't want to be called a super hero? hehehehe....

lol yeah its an awesome movie

watch the part where hancock and his sister are fighting and you see some sort of weird big-foot walk across the screen.
Hancock is one of those anti-hero heroes. The storyline puts some twist into being a hero. Very nice.
Really horrible film. But then again, pretty much everything Will Smith's in is. Not that he's such a bad actor, he just seems to be picking goddamn awful movies to play in. This movie didn't really have a single good quality about it. It was unoriginal, unfunny, unexciting and unartistic. The camera work was some of the sloppiest I've seen and ruined any kind of the potentional emotional impact that actually was there at times (although these occasions were rare). Smith didn't really seem to care about the movie at all, and it showed in his acting. He can do better, much better.
I did not like this movie because they rushed it into knowing to much about him which made the movie really messy where they should of explained abit more about him to start with.
Hancock is one of will smiths better films, by better i mean it does not stink. he is still not a good acto, but the role fits his acting style for once. Very Happy
I seen this movie found it really funny, not the best with will smith but it was good.
Hancock was a cute movie. Very entertaining.
We watched this on a "bargain bucket" DVD on Christmas Day.... an amusing couple of hours.

I liked the rebel concept.... but after the action start I tend to agree about it going downhill towards the end of the film.

However, "call me ****** one more time...." whilst having a predictable ending was very amusing, especially when the French kid was the one that suffered... Smile

i thought this was a pretty good movie.... i only saw it one time... after seeing this post i might watch it again
This film had its critics, but I think it's a very enjoyable film. If you don't take it too seriously. Just hope they leave it there and don't do sequels.
This film had its critics, but I think it's a very enjoyable film. If you don't take it too seriously. Just hope they leave it there and don't do sequels.

I seriously wish you were right. But unfortunately, Columbia have already hired two script writers (Adam Fierro and Glen Mazzara) to write the script for a sequel. You can't blame them though, the film made over 600 Million dollars. Lets just hope the sequel is better than the original.
haven't seen it yet... but it looks good, maybe next weekend
Definitely an enjoyable movie, but didn't worth any sequel, IMHO. Prequel maybe, it seems to be more interesting to know how Hancock dealt with the enemies in the past.
Hilarious one , simple but kinda catchy that is what i like when tired after all activities !!
I must say I was quite disappointed. I liked the beginning, the comedy part, but then it got WAY TO SERIOUS and lost all it's charm. Plot twists can be a good thing, but they must increase the complexity of a film, not switch of it's brain and flip back to the hollywood model. This film had potential to be something a little different, but turned out ordinary and bland.
i was saw the mvovie is verry action movie
super movie
Is this movie a complete action movie ? Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Shocked Shocked
ive now watched hancock over 20 times....along with i am legend
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