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Animals with bad reputations

I know there are a lot of animals many people don't like, that are synonymous with negative characteristics and attributes or are just plain viewed as disgusting. But if you actually learn and read about them, they're quite interesting. So I'm starting this thread for people who would like to celebrate them.

One of my favorite animals is the spotted hyena--it's actually a pack hunter, not a scavenger. It culls the herd of the weak wildebeests just like wolves do, running them down through sheer persistence. The spotted hyena is probably as intelligent as a dolphin and it is one of the few animals where females are dominant.
AFriedman wrote:
and it is one of the few animals where females are dominant.

As are horses, though few actually realize that.

I can sort of 'feel' in the place of nearly any animal; I like them all. (Though I obviously have my favorites)
The only two animals I can't stand are spiders and humans. (And the arachnophobia is just a psychological result of being bitten by a spider while young.)
ocalhoun wrote:
As are horses, though few actually realize that. ..... the only two animals I can't stand are spiders and humans. (And the arachnophobia is just a psychological result of being bitten by a spider while young.)

I have just learned something here. I really did not know that the females in horses were dominant.

Spiders I do not mind, but yes, I do not have a great fondness for humans and can understand if you have the trust of a horse (I have no experience but can imagine it), that that would put humans even at a greater disadvantage by degree.

Personally I get goose pimples if I see the photo of a snake. I am not partial to slithering things. But I do love salamanders whether tiny or big. I do not like crocodiles either. Wow, are they ever ugly and evil. I have not been able to see anything good about them. I am not scared of rats, but do not like them very much. Mice are OK. Sharks I think fall into the category of animals and they are pretty awful to me. Tiny beady eyes .... yuck!
Gotto put in a word for reptiles here. Though there are many people that like reptiles, there is also a great phobia.
I find them fascinating to watch, and like their qualities a lot. Like shredding their skin, beeing able to grow out
a lost limb, changing colors, etc.

Defenitlly great survivors, and a trace of a kingdom long gone. A piece of my heart to the reptiles.

Two other are worth mentioning here, also on the premiss of beeing accendents of a long gone kingdom. The first one is the shark, nothing more needs to be said. Cool Also, there are the small little critters called Isopoda. Really cool, though many people find them disgusting.
Toads! I live on a lake and theres no shortage of toads, especially big ones. They always seem to jump out at me when I least expect it. I don't generally have a problem with them except for when they surprise me.

For instance, yesterday I was pulling a water tray from under a table of plants and there was a fat toad sitting in the other end just looking at me. Made me jump up and scream like a little girl. Embarassed

Geckos (we call them night lizards) also have a bad habit of jumping out at me when I'm working with my plants.
LOL Rottwielers have a big rep too I live in a town where your not allowed to walk anything bigger than a shih tzu. My mom has 3 shih tzus (small, hypo-allergenic dog) and Bear, our rotti. They are only vicious if raised so. If you dog is vicious it's your own damn fault. My animals are all gentle, and when they do play, if they hurt you it's by accident and they're all mopey-dopey faced for like.. 10 min afterwards. Dogs reflect their owners.. except in my case Smile they reflect me not my mom(Step-mom)
She's a clean-freak whiner.
wolvmag wrote:
Dogs reflect their owners..

I agree on that one. I remember when I was still living in an environment where there were many dogs, and if the owner would turn the corner with its dog ahead of him and I saw the dog first, I could make a little picture in my mind's eye of what the owner would look like. For example, when I see a dog walking slowly and tired and maybe overweight, it could be an elderly person who also walks slowly and tired. And if it is a dog full of bounce and energy, all lively, it could be a younger owner, also full of energy. There is the category also of animals having been abused, which is so sad. Do not want to talk about that except damage in the trust department is probably forever, and if someone takes them in and nurse them back to trust, then there is a good chance of becoming overly trusting and protective, to the point of perhaps attacking people who visit you if they get too close to you. Think they can be as complicated and as straightforward as we can be. So definitely reflect the owners.
Spiders, worms, reptiles, frogs, rats, lionfish - these are what I could think of. Everyone of them has own traits, positive sides and distinguishing character of it's own. Precision, business, perfection, oddness, intelligence, gracefulness...

I also thought about starting the thread like "Rats: Pets, enemies or adversaries?"
Looks like we are thinking in the same key Smile
Black Cats are not preferred much by people.
They are considered as bad omen..
althou one of my friends has one..
Very Happy
looks amazing in the night..

@AFriedman.. Spotted Hyena are my fav too, haven't had change to click some till now, will do soon..
In India you will find many beliefs related to animal.
Black cat is hated very much.Rats are given worst treatment(But there is place in india where there is temple of rats) Smile .Most Women still feel bad about keeping dog as a pet.Lizards,spiders .cockroaches are the most hated animals.
I enjoy playing with spiders,had good collection, which my mother and aunt destroyed.
Knowing that a buzzard will pee down it's own leg while dancing on a carcass to soften up the meat, may be interesting
but it also doesn't make it endearing.
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