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Did someone have it ? I dont know when i can back to sport... some people say i need to rest 3-4 weeks but i cant wait more ! ;P I spent too much time already in home.. Cool
Aww I'm sorry about that! I hope you get better soon Smile
Yes, I had it (unusual because it's more common in younger people).
You should rest for 3-4 weeks as advised. There are two main reasons for this;
a) Your immune system is compromised by the infection and stressing your body puts more strain on this - meaning you are likely to catch secondary infections
b) A common problem with mono (used to be called glandular fever) is that your spleen is enlarged. This makes it vulnerable to being ruptured in contact sports and other heavy physical activity - definitely not what you want.
It really depends on your specific case. I had a friend who got it, and she was out for a good month and a half, and then I knew someone else who got over it in something like two weeks. So hopefully you're a lucky one, but for now, just take it easy, and take everything as it comes.
Ghost Rider103
I have had mono.

When you have Mono, your spleen is not ALWAYS englared. Some people do not have an englared spleen while having Mono (that was my case).

I am a bodybuilder, and this means weight room every morning for me. When I first found out that I had it, I asked my doctor if I was ok to continue with this.

He made me lay down on that bed thing, and checked to see if my spleen was englared. It wasn't so he said if I even fell like I am able to do it, then I can go ahead and do so. He told me I would probably feel a lot more tired afterwards than normal, but if I wanted to keep lifting then it was ok.

Another thing I would like to add, is just because you feel 100% fine, you are not. Mono effects people in different ways. Some people will feel 100% fine, but a month later the symptoms of mono can begin to kick in. Also, you can shed mono for up to a full year. This means you will no longer have any symptoms of mono, but if someone were to drink after you, kiss you, etc you may infect them with mono.

Hope some of this information helps.

My advice is rest, rest, and more rest. Continue with your physical activity ONLY if your spleen is NOT englared. If it is, then I highly recommend not doing any physical activity.
My sister had mono, shut her down for around two months I believe. A lot of sleeping, headaches and EXTREME sensitivity to sent. She could smell deodorant or cologne a mile away and it gave her crazy headaches.
Splenomegaly is seen in 50 to 60 percent of patients with IM and usually begins to recede by the third week of the illness.

Splenic rupture is a rare but potentially life-threatening complication of IM, estimated to occur in one to two cases per thousand; almost all reports have been in males. When splenic rupture occurs, it does so spontaneously in over one-half of patients. It mostly occurs between the fourth and twenty-first day of symptomatic illness, but can be the presenting symptom. The typical manifestations are abdominal pain and/or a falling hematocrit.
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